What Causes People to Change?

Change is hard. What causes a crossdresser to make a decision to stop crossdressing? And for crossdressers who successfully stop and find happiness...

Prepare for Criticism and Disapproval

Radical Cultural Shift We live in strange times. Not long ago, people who tried to overcome addictions were encouraged and their testimonies...

Enjoy Freedom: Get an Internet Filter Now!

I know the title of this article might seem a little like an oxymoron, but let me assure you from experience that it is not. If you have struggled...

Dealing with Man Boobs

This is strange blog post to write, but at this site we deal with the real issues that confront us, and this is one of them! Some of us have an...

Don’t be effeminate? 1 Corinthians 6:9

When I first started crossdressing as a kid, I immediately started searching God’s Word for guidance about it. Ever since that time 1 Corinthians...

The Healing from Crossdressing website is a safe haven for Christians to discuss crossdressing, gender dysphoria, and sexual sin. We are overcoming addiction and learning to accept ourselves as the people God made us to be. We look to Christ for healing, forgiveness, and abundant life. In Him, we experience freedom and joy!

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