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This page shows all of my posts I’ve written. You can also see my posts in the “Blog Archives” which is on the right hand side panel. On this page, I put all the blog posts into a few general categories. These 9 categories below are different than the categories that are tagged in the blog posts, of which there are around 45. On this page I wanted to organize the posts differently so that the most important posts can be seen more easily. In each category, I’ve put the posts I think are most important in bold.


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Healing from Crossdressing
Caring for Crossdressers and Transsexuals
The Harm of Crossdressing
Biblical and Theological Posts
Dealing with Temptations
Dealing with Failures
Understanding Transgender
About Additional Resources


Healing from Crossdressing

Integration and Contentment
12 Steps to Stop Crossdressing
Purging is Necessary
Get an Accountability Partner
Persevere! It’s going to be a long struggle
What Causes People to Change?
Post-Crossdressing Marital Sexual Difficulties
No more half measures
How to Live as a Man and as Myself
Telling the Truth
How do I tell my wife, a friend, or a pastor about my crossdressing?
Importance of Affirmations
You have a choice!
Keeping the Marriage Bed Pure
Deeper reasons for crossdressing
Healing is Possible
Nobody Understands
Can God deliver me from crossdressing?
The role of a wife in your recovery
I Quit Crossdressing and I am Happy!
Looking in the Mirror
Learning to Lust Properly
I want to be beautiful
Give up Crossdressing for Lent
Fearing Femininity?
Change is possible!
I Won’t put on that Apron
What homosexuality can teach us about crossdressing
Gender Sameness and Difference
Book Recommendation – The Paraphilias
Prepare for Criticism and Disapproval


Caring for Crossdressers and Transsexuals

Giving Pastoral Care to a Crossdresser or Person with Gender Dysphoria
Ex-Crossdressers Answer Wives of Crossdressers’ Questions

Book Recommendation – Understanding Gender Dysphoria
Church’s Response to Homosexuality, Crossdressing, Transsexualism
Transgender Friends – Which Pronouns Should We Use?
The problem with labeling and terms
Suicide among transsexuals and crossdressers
Proclaim the Truth with Gentleness and Respect
“Do not judge, or you too will be judged”
Thoughts on this Ministry
Encyclopedic resource on transvestism
Embrace a Positive view of the Church


The Harm of Crossdressing

Summary – Reasons Crossdressing is Sinful and Harmful
My Addiction to Crossdressing Fiction
Crossdressing is like Pornography
Crossdressing is about Envy
But I was born this way
Becoming the Woman My Wife is Not
Wives Answer Crossdressers’ Questions

Crossdressing demands sacrifice of self
Crossdressing for Emotional Comfort

The Transvestic Career Path
Book Recommendation: Transvestites and Transsexuals
Choosing crossdressing or sex
They are just clothes right?
Crossdressing can become idolatry
Crossdressing without sexual component?
Lusting after Feminine Objects
Afterglow of crossdressing versus sex
How do we know what is true? Is crossdressing sinful?
Crossdressing and The Lord of the Rings
Necessity of a Mirror
Fool! You will be Caught!
Creating your own false reality
Crossdressing and female sexual objectification
Guilt is an Achievement!
The Suppression of Crossdressing Guilt
Crossdressing is about Control
We are Not alone
Is crossdressing flattering to women?
Crossdressing Never Satisfies
Being Rejected by Women
Freud on Crossdressing
Crossdressing and Hormone Release
A substitute for a real woman
Don’t force your wife to act as a lesbian
My Response to Advantages of CD Husband
Is Crossdressing Funny?
Eroticization as a Coping Method
OCD connection to crossdressing
Does Crossdressing Stem from Patriarchy?
Crossdressing Fiction and Sexism
Book Recommendation – Living with a Transvestite


Biblical and Theological Posts

Be Aware of God’s Presence
Deuteronomy 22:5
1 Corinthians 11:2-16 Prohibits Crossdressing
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made – Psalm 139
Lessons for us from King David
How to Interpret the Bible
Psalm 119 – God’s Commands Bring Freedom
Don’t be effeminate? 1 Corinthians 6:9
Did Demons Cause My Crossdressing?
Put the “cross” into “crossdressing”
Living in our Resurrection Hope!
2 Samuel 13 – A love/hate relationship with crossdressing
The Incarnation – Hebrews 2
Dress-up in a Different Way
Be Prepared for Battle
1 Corinthians 16:13-14
Don’t Follow Your Heart
The Good in Crossdressing
Christmas Meditation on the Incarnation and Gender
May her breasts satisfy you always
The Toughest Time in History
Watch and Pray
Helpful Bible Verses 1
Helpful Bible Verses 2
Helpful Bible Verses 3
Helpful Bible Verses 4
Helpful Bible Verses 5
Helpful Bible Verses 6
Helpful Bible Verses 7
Helpful Bible Verses 8
Helpful Bible Verses 9
Helpful Bible Verses 10
Helpful Bible Verses 11
Helpful Bible Verses 12
Helpful Bible Verses 13
Helpful Bible Verses 14
Helpful Bible Verses 15
Helpful Bible Verses 16


Dealing with Temptations

Healing Doesn’t Mean No More Temptations
The war is fought one battle at a time
Enjoy Freedom: Get an Internet Filter Now!
Our temptations should lessen over time
Don’t suppress your desires
Grow a Beard!
Lifting Weights and becoming muscular
Dealing with Dreams
Nocturnal Emissions vs. Masturbation
How Satan tempts us to crossdress
Get a Hobby
Find a Distraction
Take a nap when tempted
I will not google that
One way to lessen temptations
Resisting temptation during trips
A few more practical tips
Beware Photo Apps and Editors!
Aprons for Men?
Imagine your wife crossdressed
Fighting temptations by imagining crossdressing
God gives me physical warnings against sin
They say – “Crossdressing will always come back later”
Dealing with Man Boobs
It’s Halloween time. Beware of Crossdressing
Be Strong for Halloween
I Hate Costumes
Crossdressing and Curiosity


Dealing with Failures

Resentment, Compromise, and Escalation = Failure. Yet We Rejoice in Christ!
No Condemnation
How I successfully fought temptation…but then failed
Fasting can be a good recovery tool
10 Minute Relapse


Understanding Transgender

Definitions of terms and labels
Book Recommendation – When Harry Became Sally
Book Recommendation – God and the Transgender Debate
Book Recommendation – The Man Who Would Be Queen
Intersexual Conditions – There is still a Binary
Paper on Sex Reassignment Surgery
The Myth of “Choosing to be Yourself”
Analogies to Transgender
Book Recommendation – Love Thy Body
Watch the Film – Tranzformed
Transabled and Transgender
Race and Transgender Issues
The Inconsistency of Transgender Arguments
Transgenderism is a psychological problem
Detransitioning and Regret
Transgenderism in the Media
Gender Dysphoria and Dissociation
The hypocrisy in the LGBT community
Expose Ministries Articles about Transgenderism
Book Recommendation – He can never be she
Transsexuals accepted because of appearance?
Using a “Disorder” as an Excuse
News Article – Transgender Americans take on New York


About Additional Resources

The Great Porn Experiment – Video
Song – Make me the man you want me to be
Book Recommendation – Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
Book Recommendation – Sacred Marriage
Song – This is how it feels to be free
You Can say No to Sexual Sin
Avoiding Sexual Sin
Interview with a former lesbian atheist
Christians aren’t inconsistent with the Old Testament Law
Not that kind of homosexuality (and transgender)
Myths about Addiction
Our bodies matter!
The Bible and Same-Sex Relationships
Is behavior determined by biology?


  1. Mark

    I’ve tryed and failed so many times, I don’t even know if I’m really a Christian, since I find no victory and continue to sin.

    • Barnabas

      Mark, thank you for commenting. It sounds like you are stuck in a repetitive spiral of failure followed by trying again and failing again. It is deeply frustrating and many people have been there.

      Many times I have found that people (even me) delude themselves into thinking they are trying, but really aren’t. It sounds harsh, but let me explain. We think trying means to just hope we will do better next time and not give in to the desire when it comes, but in reality we are doing nothing to change our situation. We have not fully surrendered everything in our lives to Christ, and we have not truly made the radical decision to follow Christ instead of our sin.

      Test yourself, I’m not going to judge you. I don’t know you. Have you fully surrendered? Have you made radical steps to fight this and overcome?

      As to where you are a Christian or not. It’s simple but not simple. It’s simple in that if you have trusted in Christ, you are saved. We are saved by grace, not by our good deeds, not by our effort, not by our righteousness! Even if you are not perfect and still have failures. Christ died for you, and he lived for you to give you his perfect righteousness. So we can be at peace before God. But it’s not so simple in the sense that the Bible teaches that those who are truly born again will produce good fruit and not live in sin. It’s hard to define “living in sin.” But I generally understand it this way. A true Christian continues to grow more holy, even if slowly, even if still having failures and setbacks. A true Christian always confesses and repents after failures, but then keeps on fighting against sin. A person claiming to be a Christian but isn’t is someone living in sin, not really fighting it, not confessing or repenting. Just staying in it.

      Keep in touch, I’m happy to talk with you more



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