I did a post before about refusing to wear my wife’s apron. I believe I had good reasons for that. In general I think it makes sense for men to wear aprons. They are a very practical item and it makes sense that both sexes should be allowed to wear them. Preferably it would be nice if they were strictly a unisex item, so that aprons were not tailor made specifically to be feminine or masculine. Why can’t we just have one apron that fits us both rather than needing separate ones for the wife and husband? My problem with wearing my wife’s apron is that it is clearly designed to be feminine. Therefore, when I am wearing it I feel like I am crossdressing, because it’s an apron made for women. But these days I have my own masculine one and I have no problems at all wearing it.

But I also don’t want to be legalistic about what I would consider crossdressing. Practically everything these days is designed to be feminine or masculine. If my wife’s phone was pink and geared towards women, then I would still be willing to use it. If she had a feminine looking pair of scissors, I’d still use that. It gets me really frustrated that we make everything geared for a certain sex. Why can’t we just make things that are useful and can be used by everybody rather than just by one sex? Maybe that’s just another symptom of our materialistic culture. We are so rich that we don’t want just one thing for a husband and wife to share, or a boy and girl to share, they each have to have their own tailor made for their sex (usually according to stupid gender stereotypes).

With some of these things, it could be potentially difficult to draw the line between what is and what is not crossdressing or blurring gender boundaries, especially looking at certain things like aprons and other items that are not basic clothing. And beyond that difficult issue, is the other difficult issue of what I perceive as crossdressing or crossing gender boundaries. Something could be harmful to me if it feels like crossdressing, even if it isn’t crossdressing. I can wrap a towel around my body when getting out of the shower, and it almost looks like a skirt. If it felt a lot like a skirt to me and it was causing me problems, that would be reason enough not to do it.

I think my main point is that, when necessary, avoid something that is going to cause you issues and bring up crossdressing feelings (like wearing your wife’s apron). But if you can use a pink colored product like a pen or something that is not clothing, then go for it if it doesn’t cause you issues.