One of the temptations I have faced, and I’m sure many of you also deal with, is the desire to use photo editors and phone apps to change photos to make yourself look like a woman. Some apps these days are so advanced that all you need to do is upload a photo and it will show you what you would look like as a female. Other editors let you change your body in the photo so that you see your face on a female body. Other editors let you add makeup. Some programs even let you mess around with changing clothes over top of the clothes in the original photo. I’m thankful that back when I was addicted to crossdressing some of the more advanced programs that do this did not exist yet.

Resist the temptation to do these things! While in some sense I might be convinced to say that such activities are harmless fun for normal people (though it would be very hard for me to say that), I can say with strong clarity that such activities are NOT harmless for us who have issues with our gender and with crossdressing.

In my past, I gave in to these temptations so many times. Sometimes it was out of intense desire. Other times it was a sort of compromise, a way to give into sin without fully giving in to sin. In other words, such things seemed lame in comparison to actual crossdressing, but I would rationalize that the photo editing was not really sinful in the way crossdressing clearly was. It seemed like harmless fun without much risk of consequences. But in reality it was far from harmless, and was only feeding my gender dysphoria and/or giving me sexual pleasure. What’s worse is that just about every time I gave in to this borderline activity, it led me down the road to crossdressing fiction or crossdressing in real life.

Don’t compromise! If you give in to such things, you are only a step away from much worse things. The only way to beat this addiction (or any addiction) is to have no compromise. Not only do you have to resist things that are clearly sinful such as pornography and crossdressing itself, but you have to resist anything that gets even close, anything that is at all related, anything that will trigger you into further temptation.

Seriously, we have to be careful sometimes even reading newspaper articles about transgender issues if such things will lead us down the rabbit trail of sin. I’m not being legalistic by saying we should never do those things. I’m being honest. We are weak and such borderline things are just foolish for us to do. I imagine it is similar to how it would be foolish for an alcoholic to drive home past the bar he used to frequent. It’s not inherently wrong for him to drive past that bar, but if it’s causing him to be tempted to drink and then to give in, then it does becomes foolish and also sinful for this particular alcoholic to keep driving home that way because it is causing him to sin and yet he does not stop driving that way.

Don’t mess with these editors! Don’t download these apps. Resist the temptation. Be strong. If you want to get better, if you want to beat your addiction, if you want to heal, and experience freedom in your life, the only way to experience that freedom is to have no compromise. Don’t fool yourself that these kinds of activities are harmless. Be strong, don’t do anything foolish that leads you to other sins.

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