For those of you wives looking for some help in dealing with your husband’s crossdressing or gender confusion, you could check out this book by Gae Hall – “He can never be she.” It is also on Kindle as an e-book. It also could be helpful to some of you crossdressers or those struggling with gender dysphoria.

I appreciated the book in general, though I don’t necessarily agree with every statement. However, I agreed with most of it. She does a good job explaining the dangers and consequences of crossdressing, the effects it has on family, the logical and biblical reasons as to why it is wrong, and she writes about ways to look for help. She also suggests ways for wives to deal with husbands who are struggling with it, and how wives can help their children as they struggle with transgender fathers. I thought she did a good job of showing some of the logical inconsistencies and confusions of transgender statements and arguments.

Reading her story about her relationship with her husband was very emotional for me. She tells about her husband’s progression from part-time crossdresser to someone trying to live as a woman, and their eventual divorce. The way her husband treated her was just awful. I have read so many stories like this, of husbands who end up treating their wives like dirt after they insist on pursuing a life of crossdressing. But I know, “but for the grace of God there go I.” We need to pray fervently for husbands like him, that they would repent and come back to their senses. We need to show such men compassion but also firmly tell them the truth and try to pull them out of their delusions, out of the pink fog they are in.

I recommend reading the book just to read her story. Even if you read it during a time of temptation, you will want nothing more to do with crossdressing ever again.