Yes you CAN stop crossdressing. You can find a change in your desires. You can have self-control. You can save your marriage. You can stop fantasizing about crossdressing. You can live as a man. You can still be happy. Change is possible. It is possible to stop crossdressing.

Does it take hard work? Yes. But healing is possible. You can stop dressing like a woman. You can find real lasting change as well as internal peace.

I’ve had this website for many years now. In that time I have talked to more men than I have counted who have stopped crossdressing completely. Some have been Christians, some have not been. Some are still in my prayer group. But some were once in our group and moved on once they were healthy, happy, and crossdressing was completely out of their life.

I’m not making any false cheap promises. Crossdressing addiction is a nasty piece of work. It’s a hard addiction to get rid of. Even today I experience temptations once in a while that I have to resist. So I am not naive and promising a magic pill that will take away your desires to cross-dress. That would be stupid. But I am saying clearly, in opposition to all the crossdressing propaganda out there on the net, that it is possible to change.

It is obvious logically first of all. You are able to control what you do. You have freewill. You don’t have to keep dressing in such a strange way. But you can also be encouraged that it is possible to quit because of reading the testimonies on this website.

For those who say, “I have to crossdress because it’s something that will never go away,” that is a cheap cop-out and an excuse. You are only crossdressing because you still want to. If you wanted to do the hard work of quitting, changing, and healing from that addiction, then you could. You can stop the activity immediately. And as far as the gender confusion and crossdressing desires you experience, those can change over time as well. Through new conditioning, through abstinence, understanding yourself better, and other measures, you can find that those desires will lessen and at times seem almost non-existent.

CHANGE IS POSSIBLE! Freedom can be had! It begins by acknowledging that you can change. If you want to begin the process of change, (and it is a process, not a one-time event), you can get some good help from reading my blog and the links I have linked to. You can also read my blog posts and look at joining our Christian Recovery Group.

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