I have looked at a lot (thousands and thousands) of crossdressing photos on the internet over my life (and I deeply regret it). One thing I have noticed from pictures of active crossdressers as well as pictures of one-time crossdressers, is the number of sexual poses. Even the boys that crossdress one time on a dare or for Halloween, the first thing they do is to go to sexual poses. They twist their hips, or thrust out their fake boobs, or make kissy faces. They walk like female supermodels. Clearly, their view of women is that they are sexual objects, so if they are pretending to be one, that’s where their mind immediately goes.

And the vast majority of crossdressers’ photos are sexual poses. Even if you don’t count the plethora of crossdressers who have all of their photos only of them in female underwear or lingerie (not the type of photos I used to look at), even the crossdressers who are fully clothed have photos of mostly sexual poses. Why don’t they try to pose and look like the real women that they see all around them every day? Why the overly sexual poses? What does this tell us? For one thing it means that there crossdressing is mostly about sexual pleasure, even if they try to say that it is actually about “being themselves.”

Perhaps it also shows us how readily all men objectify women and their bodies. This objectification comes out for most men in the form of pornography. But then for crossdressers, maybe it comes out in our crossdressing. Instead of lusting after the objectified woman’s body in a photo, we can make a real life 3-D version of a woman’s body, one that we can move and make do whatever we want, and make wear whatever we want. We then masturbate to the image of ourselves.

I think crossdressers are naive if they think their addiction is somehow more honorable than pornography. I think crossdressing is just a stronger, more addictive, more pleasurable form of pornography. It still objectifies women. At least with pornography there is another living breathing person, a real female involved, even if only there in a photo. With crossdressing it is entirely focused on self. Women have been reduced to a sexual object so very far, that a real woman is not even needed in the process at all.

In fact, a woman is objectified so much that the sexual objects of a woman are all that is needed. A whole counterfeit woman is not needed. One object alone (nail polish, lipstick, or high heels) can be enough to bring the crossdresser to ejaculation.

This is my hypothesis. I guess if you don’t crossdress for sexual pleasure, then maybe you do not share this type of sexual objectification in your crossdressing. But I think even for those crossdressers, it would be good for them to analyze this topic to see how much it affects what they do as well.

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