On some forum or blog this link came up and I looked at it. It’s pretty thought provoking to consider fetishes and paraphilias in general, but especially to think of this theory in light of crossdressing – What Causes Spanking Fetishes? A testable model.

I’m not sure I understand all the science behind this, and if it’s really legitimate or not. But the theory sounds good and makes sense, that a child eroticizes something in order to cope with trauma. There has to be some explanation for the strange fetishes out there and this makes pretty good sense to me. While this theory makes better account of spanking I think it could account for some crossdressing fetishes as well.

Maybe this is why so many people combine crossdressing and punishment. Do some online searches or read crossdressing fiction and you’ll see this to be a strong theme. Perhaps some were punished through crossdressing and they eroticized it. This was not the case for me, hence crossdressing stories about punishment do nothing for me.

However, in my case, I cannot think of any way that this would have happened, as I had a really great childhood without trauma. Even if some people developed crossdressing desires through this, there must be alternative paths to crossdressing as well.

This is interesting from the article too – “An alternate coping mechanism may be “acting out” behavior as a redirection of repressed aggressive impulses in symbolic, rather than actual, ways. If I am right, children who “act out” by being rebellious, violent or otherwise “bad” would be disproportionately LESS likely to become spanking fetishists because they are utilizing a different neural strategy. By similar reasoning, I would predict that a disproportionately high number of spanking fetishists were compliant “good” children in comparison with the general population.”

This would be the only part that might fit me in relation to crossdressing. I was a very good child, and did not act out at all in being rebellious. Maybe I acted out instead through crossdressing. But again, the trauma piece was missing.

What do you readers think? Does it fit with any of your stories?

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