This is one tool to fight crossdressing temptations that helped me a lot even though it seems a little bit counter-intuitive. When crossdressing temptations would come, I would, like all of you, have a thought about how pleasurable it might be. One of the things I did to immediately diffuse the power of those temptations was to purposely imagine myself crossdressed with whatever item I might have been craving. But not the imagination of fantasy, but rather objectively imagining what I would look like in truth, face and beard and broad shoulders and all.

I would imagine what the mirror reflection would look like if I was looking at myself in the mirror. As you know, looking in the mirror always shows how stupid and foolish we actually look, and takes away the fantasy and the illusion, that is if we force ourselves to look at the whole true picture of ourselves in reality, and not focus in only on the clothes. Doing this will remind you of how stupid and ugly you would look crossdressed, how the clothes would not really fit your body, how the fake breasts would not really look quite right, how your face and beard would clash so horribly with the feminine apparel, how you would like a disturbed man in a dress, and if you are married, you could also imagine how much more beautiful the clothes would look on your wife. Doing this will immediately cut through the fantasy and the delusions. This will remind you of who you truly are. And hopefully it will completely take away your desire to crossdress at that moment.

I realize this might not work for everybody, especially those that think they actually look beautiful or like a real woman when they crossdress. And for some of you imagining it could turn you on and increase your desires. So be wise. Don’t use this tool if it will not work for you. But for me, it worked remarkably well. Use it if it works for you. If too dangerous for you, then stay clear. Hopefully it helps some of you.

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