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Guest posts are blog posts written by friends and members of our email prayer group. They write them and then submit them to me to publish. Some are testimonies, some are recommendations for ways to quit crossdressing, and some are about ways to understand ourselves and our crossdressing. If you are interested in writing a guest post, I very much welcome it. Please use the form below to start discussing your idea with me.


By Andrew.    See – Andrew’s Testimony
How is Your Check Engine Light – By Andrew
What Would God Say?  – By Andrew
Why do I do what I do? – By Andrew – By Andrew
Celebrate Recovery! – By Andrew
A Frightening Prospect – By Andrew


By Mctorie
Becoming a Man – By Mctorie


By TemptedSinner
Survived a Battle – By TemptedSinner


By Don
Don’s Testimony (anti-androgens) – By Don


God’s Commitment to Us – By SC


By Anonymous
Testimony – By Anonymous


By XcdScooter
Reflections on Psalm 32 – By XcdScooter


By Alec
Alec’s Testimony – By Alec
Sexaholics Anonymous / Sex Addicts Anonymous – By Alec


By Paul
Paul’s Testimony – By Paul
Fighting Sin Through the Prayer of Praise – By Paul


How to Overcome Temptation
Meditations with A.W. Tozer


By Job
Kick Out the Monster



Pause: How Delaying Gratification can Lead to Long Term Satisfaction


By David Galatians

Wake Up Call



Posts by Wives of Crossdressers

By Karen

My Experience as a Wife of a Crossdresser

My Husband is a Crossdresser!!! Now What?

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