Welcome to our Healing from Crossdressing forum!

In the Healing from Crossdressing forum, comments are visible for all  on the internet to read, but you will need to register and login in order to comment.

1. A place for wives of crossdressers.

The most important purpose of this forum is to give a place where wives of crossdressers can support one another, pray for one another, and discuss these complicated issues. Given the perspective of this site, the forum section for wives is primarily for wives who are Christian and view crossdressing as an unhealthy addiction. Nevertheless, all wives of crossdressers should feel welcome to comment and discuss. Men who are struggling with crossdressing are encouraged to read the posts of these wives in order to learn. But I encourage men to comment very sparsely in the women’s section of the forum, so as to give women their space to discuss together. For wives who also have issues they want to discuss privately, please register for the Private Wives Group.

I highly suggest that all wives read this article which I wrote for people trying to counsel those struggling with crossdressing. The whole post will be helpful for you, but at the end there is a special long section especially for you wives. If you have just learned about your husband’s crossdressing, this is the best place to start – Giving pastoral care to a crossdresser or person with gender dysphoria.

2. A place for Crossdressers and ex-crossdressers.

The second purpose of this forum is to give a place for crossdressers and ex-crossdressers to discuss numerous issues concerning addiction, sexuality, gender dysphoria, and identity. If you are still not sure what to think about your crossdressing, you are very welcome to come and chat with other men here about your ideas. The forum is also a place to discuss together about the possible causes of crossdressing inclinations, the differences between men and women, and other related issues.

Anyone is allowed to give advice to anyone who posts and we will respect differences of opinion, while of course keeping in mind the intention of this website. Please be charitable in your comments to one another. Remember that it is hard to see someone’s attitude in a written comment, so give someone the benefit of the doubt when you aren’t sure what they meant. Be slow to speak and quick to listen. In all that we say, let us write with humility, gentleness, love, and compassion.