It’s Halloween season. It’s a crossdresser’s paradise. Many of you might be thinking about dressing up because your wife or friends won’t actually think less of you for doing so. Some of you might even have wives or girlfriends who would have a lot of fun dressing you up in a women’s costume.

But beware! You know that crossdressing is not just a simple fun thing in your life. You know that it has a hold on you. Resist the temptations. It seems harmless but it’s not. It’s a deep addiction in our lives and we must resist. Other people might be dressing up as women in order to have a fun costume. But for us that is never simply the case. I am disturbed just seeing a man dress up as a woman for fun. But it is far more disturbing when we do it because we get a sexual thrill out of it. It is far more disturbing when we do it because we are obsessed with the clothing and think we NEED it. It is far more disturbing when we do it because we would rather be a woman than the man that we are.

I know some people don’t think crossdressing is wrong. But for those of you like me, be careful this Halloween. Resist the temporary pleasure of crossdressing. Sure you could have a night full of frills and thrills. But you would regret it later. It will only more deeply entrench you in your bondage to crossdressing. Don’t deceive yourself. Don’t do something you will regret.

Ask God to give you the strength to make it through this Halloween season, whether your temptation is to dress up, or to read stories about dressing up, or to fantasize about dressing up. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. If you don’t want to give in, then don’t give in. Ask God to give you strength and courage to fight the temptations. Do something else on Halloween to distract yourself. Do something else fun with friends. Watch a scary movie. Have a good meal. Play a board game. Have a wine tasting party. Have a romantic time with your wife.  Do something else and resist crossdressing. You’ll be glad that you did.