At the beginning of my marriage, sex was new and exciting and I never had any problems being stimulated and focused on my wife. But the deep nature of sin and of crossdressing addiction in particular reared it’s head over time. At times, CD thoughts would come into my head during sex. I always felt rotten and incredibly guilty about such times.

The healing I’ve experienced over the years from crossdressing addiction has been a gradual and a long process. The process of change happens so slowly that you don’t easily notice all the significant changes. As an example, one day you wake up and realize you haven’t had a single temptation in months!

One of the most concrete aspects of healing from my past addiction is that my marriage bed became pure. No more did crossdressing thoughts enter my head during those intimate times. It feels so good and pure and holy (and pleasurable) to simply think about my wife and not any other filth. This is one of the fruits of freedom from crossdressing addiction. You must all learn to discipline your minds as well as your actions. Thank you Lord for what you have done. The process of sanctification and change is slow, but if we are willing to keep at it, change happens, through the power and strength and guidance of the Holy Spirit at work in us. I hope the same change can happen for all of you.

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