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Friends Healing from Crossdressing
Crossdressing, Autogynephilia, and Transgender Issues
Critiquing Transgender Ideologies
Male and Female Sex/Gender Differences and Role Differences
Pornography, Sexual Sin, and Addiction
Resources for Wives
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Friends Healing from Crossdressing

*Vested Interest – “My Struggle with Crossdressing.”
*Design & Intent Ministries Blog TestimonyJerry Armelli’s blog posts about his recovery from transgenderism.
Recovery Dogs
Cross Dressaholics Anonymous Blog



*First Stone Ministries – Testimonies Page.
*Tranzformed: Finding Peace with your God-Given Gender Documentary video in which 15 men and women share their testimonies about their experiences with gender dysphoria, living as the opposite sex, and how God changed their lives.
*Former LGBTQers Testify: If You No Longer Want to Be Gay or Transgender, You Don’t Have to Be – A video. Part of the Changed Movement, their website is below.
*What is Autogynephilia? A Conversation with Danny – Theology in the Raw Podcast.
God, Sex, and Culture – Video testimony of Sy Rogers.
Sy Rogers Discusses His Life and Ministry – Interview with Sy Rogers where he discusses his identity, marriage, sin, masculinity, and other issues.
Help 4 Families Testimonies Page – Testimonies from Christians regarding transgenderism.
Help 4 Families Stories Page – Many stories from Christians who struggled with crossdressing or transgenderism.
Exchange Ministries Testimonies Page
Portland Fellowship’s Testimonies Page – Stories from Christians who experienced same-sex attraction.
Exodus Global Alliance Testimonies Page – Mostly testimonies about homosexuality.
Transforming Congregations Testimonies Page – Stories of healing in Christ from sexual sin.
Mid-Valley Fellowship Stories Page
Changed Movement Testimonies Page – Testimonies about finding freedom in Christ from homosexuality or gender dysphoria.
Randall Wayne’s Testimony How he gave up a crossdressing addiction through Christ’s help.
How Our Marriage Survived My Gender Dysphoria – Testimony at Harvest USA.
I Couldn’t Live the Lie of My Sexuality – About struggling with same-sex attraction and wanting to be a woman.
How I found Freedom from Gender Confusion Part 1
How I found Freedom from Gender Confusion Part 2.
Restored Hope Network Testimony Page – Testimonies about healing from same-sex attraction, sexual sin, and gender dysphoria.
Why Hollywood Praise Elliot Page (and Blacklists Me) – Testimony about hostility and persecution when we live for Christ by not giving in to sexual sin.
Raising a Child with Gender Brokenness – Hopeful testimony from Harvest USA.
Jerry Leach’s testimony – About overcoming crossdressing and transgenderism.
Sam’s story – He talks about freedom from his past crossdressing and freedom from the desire to become a woman.
Finding Comfort – Testimony of a Christian pastor in the UK who found freedom from crossdressing.
Kathy Grace’s Audio Testimony – She shares about how she came to know Christ and how she de-transitioned after living as trans-man for many years.
Kathy Grace’s Video Testimony
Andrew Franklin’s Audio Testimony – He shares about how he came to know Christ and about his former struggles with homosexual sin.
Andrew Franklin’s Video testimony – About Jesus bringing him out of homosexuality.
Sy Rogers – His video testimony about finding freedom from homosexuality and transsexualism.
Sy Rogers – His written testimony called “The Man in the Mirror.”
Sy Rogers – His Youtube page called Brave New Day showing videos of his speaking engagements.
If I Hadn’t Been Shown Grace, I’d Be a Trans Woman Right Now – Testimony which gives practical pointers to how to reach out to people in the LGBT community with love.
Perry Desmond’s Testimony
Voices of Change – Whole website dedicated to sharing testimonies of those who have experienced authentic change in sexual attraction.
Sex Change Regret – A testimony of Walt Heyer – from male to female and back again. Website devoted to helping people avoid the pitfall of trying to change gender.
Transformed by Grace: Leaving Homosexuality to Follow Christ — Video Testimony by Becket Cook.
I Spent a Year as a Trans Man. Doctors Failed Me at Every Turn
I Was a Transgender Woman – Walt Heyer’s testimony of being a former transsexual.
Walt Heyer’s Video Interview – Christian and former transsexual.
Walt Heyer’s Testimony Part 2
Wesley Hill – “Between Presumption and Despair: Practicing the Virtue of Hope as a Celibate Gay Christian.” Has amazing parallels and theological truths that apply to crossdressers as well as to homosexuals.
Your Brain on Porn testimonies – Specifically testimonies of those who overcame addiction to pornography, including transsexual pornography.
Ricardo Testimony – Christian Testimony of an ex-transvestite prostitute.
Testimony about Ricardo – Written by pastor Jim Cymbala from Brooklyn Tabernacle about the same man as above.
Joide Miranda – “The Intimacy of an Ex-Transvestite.”
Testimony of former transsexual
The Story of a Same-Sex Attracted Pastor and Husband – Good video testimony by Sam Allberry.
Interview with Rosaria Butterfield – Former lesbian and atheist who became a Christian.
Greg Johnson’s Testimony – About being a celibate gay Christian. Speaking at PCA General Assembly.
Spring 2017 issue of Harvest USA magazine – Testimonies and articles on topics such as same-sex attraction, marriage, and pornography.
Fall 2019 issue of Harvest USA magazine – Has a good testimony of a Christian who has struggled his whole life with same-sex attraction. There is also a testimony of someone who has overcome gender dysphoria.
NHS gender clinic ‘should have challenged me more’ over transition – BBC article.
Gas Mark Six – Painful story of a woman’s relationship to her crossdressing husband/partner. (I am not suggesting the entire blog, just this one post).
Ellie and Nele: From she to he – and back to she again – BBC article with several testimonies of detransitioners.
It’s not conversion therapy to learn to love your body: A teen desister tells her story – Not a Christian testimony, but very helpful analysis of dysphoria.
From Gay to Gospel: The Fascinating Story of Becket Cook – Interview of Cook and him sharing his testimony at the Gospel Coalition.
Trama and Transition – Video of Benjamin Boyce interviewing Rachel.
I was America’s First ‘Nonbinary’ Person. It was all a Sham.
‘The Holy Spirit Overwhelmed Me’: How a Gay Hollywood Designer found Redemption and Freedom in Christ
Inspiring Stories – Testimonies page from the organization Restoring Wholeness.
Sissification Healed, Fetishes No More, in Jesus Name! – Video Testimony by Gideon Funk.
Keira Bell: My Story – As a teen, she transitioned to male but came to regret it.
Transgender, Detransitioning, and Gender Ideology: A Conversation with Helena – Youtube interview about Helena’s detransition story.
Transgender and the Gospel: A Conversation with Heather Skriba – Youtube interview and testimony.
Transformation Complete – Testimony about Linda Seiler who God rescued from transgenderism.
Bible teachers shares how he chose Jesus over homosexuality after contracting HIV – Testimony of Christopher Yuan.
How Becoming Trans Destroyed My Life: Walt Heyer – Youtube video testimony.
Age 42 – Married: Gave up porn, quit cross-dressing and dangerous masturbation – From Your Brain On Porn.
Age 29 – I went from vanilla stuff to become addicted to transsexual porn, cross-dressing & acting out. But now I can say I am free! – From Your Brain on Porn.
Born Again to a Living Hope – Frank Worthen Testimony about Homosexuality.
Same-Sex Attraction and Jesus: One Woman’s Journey – From Harvest USA.
What I’ve Learned Rescuing My Daughter from her Transgender Fantasy – By Charlie Jacobs.
My cross dressing story and why I stopped – Youtube video from One Drop Ministry.
Top Surgery Regret – Part 1 – About a female detransitioner. Here is Part 2.
Same-Sex Attraction, Sin, and Redemption: A Church Leader’s Story – From Harvest USA.
Transformation of a Transgender Teen – From the Gospel Coalition.
Laura to Jake and Back Again
He Breaks the Power of Cancelled Sin – From Harvest USA.
When My Father Told Me He Wanted to be a Woman
Delivered from Homosexuality – “I was lost but now I’m saved!” – Testimony from Pulse Survivor Luis Ruiz.
Laura Perry Testimony – Messenger Insight Podcast. She formerly lived as a transgender man.
Growing Up Gay and Christian – Interview of Rob Wood.
Who are you, really? – Testimony of KathyGrace Duncan.


Crossdressing, Autogynephilia, and Transgender Issues

*The Transvestic Career Path – Interesting article about how one develops into a transvestite or crossdresser. Talks a lot about the internal marriage that is created where the crossdresser functions as both husband and wife.
*Blanchard’s Transsexualism Typology – On Wikipedia. Thorough definitions, history, and criticisms of autogynephilia.

*Transvestites and Transsexuals: Toward a Theory of Cross-Gender Behavior Written by Richard F. Docter. Click the link for a free PDF of the book. Very thorough analysis of heterosexual crossdressers, looking at causes, motivations, and lifestyles.
*Embodied: Transgender Identities, the Church, and what the Bible has to Say – By Preston Sprinkle. Full of compassion, well researched, and speaks hard truths with grace.
*Understanding Gender Dypshoria – Very comprehensive Christian book by Mark Yarhouse. I don’t agree with every part of it, but it explains well the various perspectives on gender dysphoria, examines the research that has been done, and talks about various treatment options.
*God and the Transgender Debate – A book of great theological reflection on the issues of gender dysphoria and gender identity.
*Joan or John? – Article at The Gospel Coalition about giving pastoral care to a transgendered person.
*”The Man Who Would be Queen: The Science of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism” – A free book by J. Michael Bailey. The book explains autogynephilia, motivations for crossdressing, and examines different types of transsexuals.
*Harvest USA Blog – Blog run by the Christian organization Harvest USA about topics like transgender, pornography, and same-sex attraction.
*The Psychpathology of “sex reassignment” surgery – Assessing Its Medical, Psychological, and Ethical Appropriateness. By Richard P. Fitzgibbons, M.D., Philip M. Sutton, and Dale O’Leary. This is a interesting and convincing academic article about why doing such surgeries is unethical and is actually mutilation. You have to download the file to read it.
*Love Thy Body: Answering Hard Questions about Life and SexualityExcellent book by Nancy Pearcey covering homosexuality and transgenderism.
*The Paraphilias: Changing Suits in the Evolution of Sexual Interest Paradigms – Great book looking at paraphilias, including transvestic fetishism and a very optimistic book in terms of treatment.
*Nashville Statement on Biblical SexualityDeclaration by a broad group of evangelical Christians stating their position on gender, sex, transgenderism, intersex conditions, marriage, and sexuality. The closest thing we have to a modern Christian creed on transgenderism.
*Discipleship and the Transgender Convert: Issues and Proposals – From the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood – A guide for pastors.
*Early History of the Concept of Autogynephilia – By Ray Blanchard.

Surgical SexBy Paul R. McHugh of John Hopkins University about the medical ethics of sex reassignment surgery.
4 Ways Christians Can Navigate Cultural Confusion around Gender in the Coming Decade – Looks at the foundations of transgender ideology in North American culture and how the Church can respond.
The Truth about Autogynephilia – Written by Helen Joyce.
Transgender: Autogynephilia and Narcissistic Rage – Video by Rod Fleming describing the life of autogynephiles, men who crossdress for sexual pleasure.
Transgender: How the Autogynephilic Character is Developed – Video by Rod Fleming.
Transgender Two Types 1: Autogynephlia – Video by Rod Fleming in which he also analyzes various types of autogynephiles – transvestic, behavioral, physiologic, and anatomic.
Gender as Calling: The Gospel & Gender Identity – A testimony of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America.
Design & Intent Ministries Blog – Christian ministry’s blog about how to recover from transgenderism or same-sex attraction through the power and help of Christ.
Body Modification – Sermon which connects various issues together under one theme – transgenderism, crossdressing, tatooing, transableism, anorexia.
Transgender (Talking Points) – Book by Vaughn Roberts about Transgenderism from a Christian perspective.
Law and Grace – Describes one perspective on how to view the Old Testament Law as Christians, which includes Deuteronomy 22:5.
Biblical View of Transgendered People and Hermaphrodites – By Sue Bohlin.
What is Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria – From the Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender.
Sex, Gender, and Transgender Experiences: Male and Female in the Image of God – From the Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender.
Are transsexual brains different? – Are brains different because of being born that way or because of life experience which changes brain structure?
20 Quotes on Discussing Gender with your Kids – From the Gospel Coalition.
Sex Change Info – Blog about transgenderism and warnings for those considering surgery.
Transvestism and Gender Identity Disorder in Adults – Academic entry from the Armenian medical network all about crossdressing and transgenderism – definitions, case studies, treatment, etc. 22 pages long. Some of it is very interesting, though some of it may be unhelpful.
Transgender Identity Issues in Psychology – American Psychological Association’s many articles and resources.
American Psychological Association – LGBT Publications, Reports, and Resources.
4th Wave Now Blog – “A community of parents & others concerned about the medicalization of gender-atypical youth and rapid-onset gender dysphoria (ROGD).” Many helpful articles that are well researched about suicide threats, guidance for parents, and dealing with trans activists.
What is a Transsexual? – Blog post explaining Ray Blanchard’s theory about crossdressing and transgenderism, including an explanation of autogynephilia.
“Genitalia Are not Destiny” – But Are They Design? – Article showing a biblical argument against transgenderism.
Is Sexual Identity My Choice? – By Pastor John Piper.
Counsel for those considering transgender – By Pastor John Piper.
Crossdressing as an obsessive compulsive disorder – From the book, Cross Dressing, Sex, and Gender by Bullough. Page 352-358. Highlights the connection between OCD and crossdressing and discusses different medications for treatment.
Suicide Attempts among Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Adults
What Should the Church Say to Bruce Jenner
Is it Okay to Be a Christian and Transgendered? – Article by Desiring God.
How to Preach about Bruce Jenner
Understanding the Transgender Phenomenon – Analyzing transgenderism from a Christian perspective.
Conservative Politics and the American Religion – Exploring conservatives unwillingness to speak out about the transgender issues.
Caitlyn Jenner and Love in the Future Tense – By the Gospel Coalition, about how the Church should face transgenderism today.
The Transgender Triumph – Long informative article about transgenderism’s history in the US.
What Lies Beneath Your Child’s Sexual and Gender Identity – From Harvest USA.
How Should We Respond to Caitlyn Jenner – Desiring God article about transgenderism.
The Real Christian Debate on Transgender Identity
Bruce or Caitlyn? He or she? Should Christians accommodate transgender naming?
Should I Use My Trans Neighbor’s Preferred Pronoun?
For God so loved Caitlyn Jenner – Article thinking about what names and pronouns to use with transsexuals.
He or She? How Should I Refer to My Transgender Friends? – Podcast by Pastor John Piper
I Want My Sex Back – Transgender people who regretted changing sex – RT Documentary
The Life & Research of Dr. Ray Blanchard – Video interview given by Benjamin Boyce which covers autogynephilia.
Sexuality & Gender Identity – Video interview with Dr. Michael Bailey analyzing autogynephilia, very interesting but I disagree with him about treatment.
Video Interview of Ray Blanchard – He explains his research on autogynephilia.
True Heart Change for your Gay or Transgender Child – From Harvest USA.
Transsexual attractions and sexual reassignment surgery – From Marital Healing.
Gender Dysphoria in Children – From American College of Pediatricians.
The Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender’s Blog – Articles on transgenderism, homosexuality and other sexual issues.
Transgender Identity – Series by the Christian Post. Part 2. Part 3a. Part 3b. Part 4. Part 5.
Biological Treatments for Paraphilias
Becoming What We Love: Autogynephilic transsexualism conceptualized as an expression of romantic love – Very interesting article by Anne Lawrence, a psychologist and transsexual who gives good explanation about the motivations for transsexualism.
Autogynephilia: A Paraphilic Model of Gender Identity Disorder – Article by Anne Lawrence, psychologist and transsexual, which explains the different types of crossdressers/transsexuals and their motivations.
How Should Christians Respond to the Transgender Phenomenon – First Things Article by Robert Gagnon.
Understanding Gender Dysphoria: A Reply to Gagnon – By Mark Yarhouse.
Transgender Confusion Goes Beyond Elementary School Classrooms – Sensitive look at how Christians should respond to transgender and political issues – Audio Interview of Mark Yarhouse.
Understanding Gender Dysphoria – Video Presentation by Mark Yarhouse of the main points of his book.
Understanding Gender Dysphoria Book Review Article – At Gospel Coalition.
What the Gospel has to say to Transgendered Persons – Academic and theological perspective on transgenderism.
Freud’s Sexual Inversion Hypothesis and Crossdressing – Interesting perspective on crossdressing.
Understanding “Transgenderism” – Multi-part article series by Focus on the Family. Keep clicking “next article.”
Male and Female He Created Them – From Focus on the Family.
Transgenderism: Blurring the Lines – From Focus on the Family.
Emasculation Trauma and Autogynephilia – One possible theory for why crossdressing desires develop.
Harvest USA Transgenderism Page – Transgenderism resources and articles given by this Christian organization.
Transgenderism: The Reshaping of Reality – Article from Harvest USA.
The Great Transgender Case of Mistaken Identity – Article from Harvest USA.
Gender Confusion: What do we say to someone? – Article from Harvest USA about caring for someone who experiences gender dysphoria.
Coming out as Gay or Transgender: Five things Parents must do Part 1 – Article from Harvest USA. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4.
Cross-Dressing Man Wants to Understand His Own Behavior – From Focus on the Family.
What Christianity Alone Offers Transgender Persons – From the Gospel Coalition.
The Christian Response to Gender Dysphoria – From the Gospel Coalition.
What Does the Bible Say about Transgenderism? – From the Gospel Coalition.
A Prayer for the Healing of the Feminine & the Masculine – Prayer from Design & Intent Ministries Blog.
John Wants to Be Jane: 3 Ways to Counsel a Gender-Confused Child – From the Gospel Coalition.
Mothers, Bathrooms, and the Idol of Feelings – On how to love transgender people but also speak the truth.
Talking to Kids about Gender in a Gender-Confused Age – From the Gospel Coalition.
Transgender: Caring for those who experience issues with gender identity – Pastoral sermon on this topic.
Paraphilic Sexual Disorders and Gender Dysphoria – Academic Lecture on paraphilias.
What if God Created Transgender People? – Video of Sam Allberry.
Sexuality and Gender Identity – Video answering common questions by Rachel Gilson.
If you Want to Address LGBTQ Issues, then Address Expressive Individualism – From 9Marks.
The taboo trans question – About autogynephilia.
10 ways to love your transgender neighbor
Sexual Behavior Isn’t the Most Important Issue – From Stand to Reason.
What does the Bible say about Cross-dressing / Transvestism – From Got Questions.
Q&A: What is your Perspective on Crossdressing? – From Focus on the Family.
Should Christian women wear pants? – From Got Questions.
What does the Bible say about the various forms of gender dysphoria? – From Got Questions.
Can a person be born with the wrong gender? – From Got Questions.
Should Christians use the preferred pronouns of transgendered individuals when referring to them? – From Got Questions.
Transgender Identities, the Church, and Scripture: A Conversation with Preston Sprinkle – YouTube Interview.
Can God’s Comfort Compare to the Pleasures of Sin? – Relates to the struggle of those who crossdress for comfort.
The Transgender Revolution and the Rubble of Empty Promises – From The Gospel Coalition.
What Causes Fetishes? – Video from Dr. Trish Leigh.
Transgenderism, Transsexuality, And Gender Identity – Denominational Statement.
Caring for Families with Cross-Dressing Children – From Desiring God.
This Largely Unknown Psychological Phenomenon May Be Driving Men To Become Trans, Experts Say – On Autogynephilia.
Problems with Preferred Pronouns – From Stand to Reason.
Why Are So Many Of Our Youth Identifying as LGBTQ+? – From Harvest USA.
Should I Offer My Pronouns? – From Christianity Today.
Getting Rid of an Unwanted Sexual Fetish – Secular view of how to get rid of a fetish. YouTube video by Dr. Dawn Michael.
8 Things Parents Should Do When Kids Want to Transition Their Gender – From the Gospel Coalition.
How to Deal with an Unwanted Sexual Fetish – Video from Dr. Dawn Michael.


Critiquing Transgender Ideologies

*7 Troubling Questions about Transgender Theories – Excellent article from a Christian perspective about inconsistencies in transgender theories.
*Dysphoric: A Four-Part Documentary Series on the Rise of Gender Identity Ideology – Youtube Video. Especially looks at young girls who are transitioning. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4.
*Transgender Ideology is Riddled with Contradictions. Here are the Big Ones – By Ryan T. Anderson.

*When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender MomentExcellent book which dismantles transgender ideology and examines the cultural and political trends in the USA today.
*The Diabolic Logic of Transableism – From the Gospel Coalition. Showing the links between transgenderism, anorexia, and transableism.
*Physical Interventions on the Bodies of Children to “Affirm” their “Gender Identity” Violate Sound Medical Ethics and Should be Prohibited – By Ryan T. Anderson.
*Watch: College Kids Can’t Explain why a Short White Man Isn’t a Tall Asian Woman – Great article and video showing the inconsistency and foolishness of accepting people’s identity based only on their feelings and preferences.
*Rapid-Onset gender dysphoria in adolescents and young adults: A study of parental reports – PDF is available to download.
Debunked: Transgender Ideology – Video by Ben Shapiro.
3 Ways Parents Can Help Kids Navigate Transgender Ideology – From the Gospel Coalition.
5 Reasons President Obama’s New Transgender Policy is Foolish – Shows the deeper problematic reasoning in transgender arguments and the potential troubling implications.
Suicide or Transition: The Only Options for Gender Dysphoric Kids? – Examines research that shows that suicide is rare in people with gender dysphoria, and that transitioning does not reduce the likelihood of suicide.
Calling Bruce Jenner a Woman is an Insult to Women – Overly harsh but still powerful article about the problem of transgenderism.
Supreme Incoherence: Transgender Ideology and the End of Law – Shows the total irrationality and self-defeating nature of transgender argumentation.
How Common is Intersex? A Response to Ann Fausto-Sterling – By Leonard Sax. Great article showing the rare occurrence of people being born truly ambiguous in their sex. I see this article as good reason not to reject the sexual binary of male and female, in contrast to Sterling.
Detransitioning: Reversing a Gender Transition – A BBC documentary video.
Sex, Gender, and Transgender Experiences: Brain Sex Theory – Excellent analysis of brain sex theory and how it is used in transgender ideology from the Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender.
Sex, Gender, and Transgender Experiences: Do We Have a Sexed Soul? – From the Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender.
Sex, Gender, and Transgender Experiences: What About Intersex? – From the Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender.
But He Hasn’t God Anything On! – About being willing to speak the truth about transgenderism.
Sex without Bodies – About how our bodies matter.
Oh Gender, Thy Name is Legion – Catholic Online Article. About the Dangers of the Gender Identity Movement.
Gender Bender Madness – Catholic Online Article.
Poster Couple for an Anti-Theology of the Body – Catholic Online Article.
Gender is Gift – Catholic Online Article.
Biologicaltheoriestrans – Blog examining research into biological causes for transgenderism. It shows that brain differences can be accounted for by hormones, and that they are not present from birth. The blog also examines intersex conditions and explains why they cannot be used to argue for transgender ideology.
Why Girls Become Boys – PragerU video.
‘Call me Caitlyn, or else’: the rise of authoritarian transgender politics
Celebrating Confusion: The Crisis of Bruce (Not Caitlyn) Jenner
Transgendered Gnosticism – Discussion of the dualism between spiritual and physical in transgender thought.
Who is the Caitlyn Jenner of the Transabled? – Article showing the hypocrisy of our culture on the issues of transgenderism and transableism.
Article about Dolezal and America’s Hypocrisy – Article about Dolezal forging her own identity as a black woman, even though she is white. What she is doing parallels what transsexuals do.
How We Made Too Much of Gender
Transgender arguments hinge on sex versus gender – can you choose? – Article comparing transgender to Body Integrity Identity Disorder.
Debunking Transgenderism – Video by Matt Walsh.
How the Transgender Lobby is Using a Teen’s Death – Article showing the inconsistency of transgender arguments.
The LGBT Movement’s Dangerous Hypocrisy on Conversion Therapy – From the Gospel Coalition.
The Ranks of Gender Detransitioners Are Growing. We Need to Understand Why
“Gender-Sensitive” Catholicism – Showing the dangers of modern gender theories and quotations by various popes on the issue.
Transgender People Need as much help as the human ken-doll – Article showing similarities between those with gender dysphoria and others who do not see themselves for who they truly are.
Becoming Disabled by Choice not by Chance – Similar to transgender reasoning.
A New Way to Be Mad – Disturbing and dark article from the Atlantic looking at people longing to be disabled and the psychological and identity issues involved in this and in transgenderism.
I was born in the wrong species – Article about a woman who lives as a cat using similar reasoning as transgender arguments.
Woman made herself blind – News article about a woman who purposely blinded herself to fulfill her lifelong wish. Similar in some ways to transgenderism.
When you Unchain the Earth from the Sun – About a man claiming to be a six year old girl. Article explores new notions about identity and the chaos that will ensue because of the changes brought about by transgender reasoning.
Walsh: The Left’s System of Identity Politics is Collapsing on Itself
A Fundamental Right to Personal Recreationism? – Article about personal preference in deciding identity, such as in transgender cases and transabled people.
NYC Releases List of 31 Genders – Shows how our freedom of speech is slowly being eroded. It’s not enough for people to be free to live as the opposite sex, other people must believe and view them they are the opposite sex.
Transition as Treatment: The Best Studies Show the Worst Outcomes
Why Transgenderism is a Problem for Secularism – From the Gospel Coalition.
Progressivism’s Fragile Gender Realism – Shows that there are really no logically coherent arguments for transgenderism.
Gender Theory gets a New High Profile Couple to Champion it – Video by Matt Walsh including common sense practical advice to parents whose child says they are transgender.
What is gender, anyway? – Discusses various opinions and theories about gender and transgenderism, and shows how little consensus there is.
Transgender Delusion – Written by a psychologist who wants to help transgendered people without looking at their condition simplistically.
Am I a Cat? – Swedish Video about the foolishness of claiming we can change our reality through our feelings.
Hanna Lindholm Interview – Discussing Identity and the Cat Video above.
Transgender Pronouns Analysis – Ben Shapiro.
Critically Examining the Doctrine of Gender Identity – Video Presentation by Rebecca Reilly-Cooper.
Question and Answer Session to Above Presentation – by Rebecca Reilly-Cooper.
Having Transgender Parents Will Hurt Kids like it Hurt Me – At the Federalist.
Psychiatry Professor: ‘Transgenderism’ is Mass Hysteria Similar to 1980’s-Era Junk Science – Important article about the psychological community conceding to the culture’s views about transgenderism rather than giving those with gender dysphoria the care and treatment they really need.
The Transgender Lobby’s Demands Are Not Civil Rights – Comparison of the transgender cause today to the civil rights cause of African Americans and how they are not the same.
Why We Should Have Seen the Transgender Craze Coming – At the Federalist.
No God isn’t Transgender – Refutes Rabbi Sameth’s incorrect view of the Bible.
Trangender Conformity – Analysis of the transgender issues in our culture.
Gnostic Liberalism – Shows how transgender arguments reveal modern Gnosticism.
Courage, and Tactics, in the Gender Debate – From the Gospel Coalition.
A Serious Question about the Meaning of “Transgender”
The Absurdity of Transgenderism: A Stern but Necessary Critique
Real Life Victims of the Transgender ‘Cult’ – About destransitioners.
We’re Teaching University Students Lies – An Interview with Dr. Jordan Peterson which gives an excellent analysis of our culture and the erosion of free speech, especially in the area of transgenderism.
The Two Things We Must Say about the Transgender Debate – From the Gospel Coalition.
You Get Your Own Name. It Can Be Whatever You Want. But You Don’t Get Your Own Pronouns – From The DailyWire.
Gender, Intersectionality, and Critical Theory – Summarizes the modern views of gender stemming from intersectionality and critical theory and explains how we should respond as Christians.
Why does the Left hate science? – Speech by Ben Shapiro in which he dismantles illogical transgender ideology.
‘Hundreds’ of young trans people seeking help to return to original sex – A woman who detransitioned in 2018 shares about others wanting to detransition.
1 Year after Sex Change – Story about regretting surgery and transitioning.
Liberal Science: A Pregnant Woman is a man but the Human in her Womb is not a Person
Transgender youth: My daughter thinks she’s transgender. Her public school undermined my efforts to help her
If Conversion Therapy Is Bad, Why is Sex Reassignment Good? – Short video.
The People Applauding ‘Drag Kids’ Are Applauding The Sexual Abuse Of Children – By the Daily Wire.
The Simple Preschool-Level Question that no Leftist Can Answer – By Matt Walsh examining the definition of the words “man” and “woman.”
Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best? – BBC Video Documentary, looks at all the various views.
Opinion: Gender is a Social Construct – Satirical article from the Babylon Bee about our culture’s inconsistent views about sex.
50 Years of Sex Changes, Mental Disorders, and Too Many Suicides – By Walt Heyer.
Transgenderism is not Biology – Video of Ben Shapiro.
Why I Resigned from Tavistock: Trans-Identified Children Need Therapy, Not Just ‘Affirmation’ and Drugs
The New Patriarchy: How Trans Radicalism Hurts Women, Children—and Trans People Themselves
No One Is Born in the Wrong Body
The Reality of Sex and the Lie of “Gender Self-Identity” – From The Catholic World Report.
Leftist Gender Ideology is Nonsense – From the Daily Wire.
Does the Bible Limit Gender to Just Male and Female? – From Stand To Reason.
The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self: Cultural Amnesia, Expressive Individualism, and the Road to Sexual Revolution – By Carl Trueman.
Cisgender – From Reformation21.
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Change Efforts: Are they the Same? Part 1 – From the Center for Faith, Sexuality, and Gender. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4.
Thinspo and Gender Goals – Analyzing anorexia and transgenderism social media posts, and the romance and intoxication of self-hate.
The fictional world of trans activism
If you accept transgender, then why not trans-aged?
Humans Come in Only Two Sexes – From Stand to Reason.
Review: ‘Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing our Daughters’ by Abigail Shrier – From The Gospel Coalition.
He Used to be Trans – Here’s what he wants everyone to know – Video of Walt Heyer.
We Live in Confusing Times: Progressives Can’t Keep Their Story Straight on Sex and Gender – By Kevin DeYoung.
The Twisted Self – by Carl Trueman.
Intersex and the Kingdom of God
Could God Misplace a Female Soul in a Male Body? – From the Gospel Coalition.
False Assumptions Behind Youth Gender Transitions – From SEGM – Society for Evidence Based Gender Medicine.
Generation Indoctrination: Inside the Transgender Battle – Podcast Series by the Christian Post.
Truth is Compassion. Can a Man Identify as a Little Girl? – Video from Family Policy Institute of Washington.
Do College Kids Know the Difference Between Men and Women – Video from Family Policy Institute of Washington.
Talking to Your Children about Transgender Issues – From Focus on the Family.
When Transgender Issues Enter Your World – How Christians can respond with compassion, courage and truth. From Focus on the Family.
What is a Woman? – Documentary by Matt Walsh. Not compassionate, but enlightening about the state of our culture regarding gender ideology.
Loving Those Caught in Gender Ideology: The Ethics and Metaphysics of Sexual Identity – By Ryan T. Andersen
What are Dissociative Disorders? – From
Transgender-Identification is a Dissociative Disorder
What Is a Woman? – From Stand to Reason.
Truthful Witness and the Transgender Debate – From The Gospel Coalition.
Is trans the new anorexia?
A Journalist Explores Trans-Related Questions: A Conversation with Madeleine Kearns – From Theology in the Raw Podcast.
Why I no longer use Transgender Pronouns—and Why You shouldn’t, either – From Generation21
Lily Wachowski Interview – Explanation of what the autogynephilia form of transgenderism is really about – seeking love and desirability.
What Is a Man? What Is a Woman? How Our Laws Should Define Male and Female – From The Gospel Coalition.
Why Chromosome Variations Do Not Create Additional Sexes – From Stand to Reason.
Identity, Teens & Gender | Preston Sprinkle & Helena Kerschner – About Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria.
Does God Care about Gender Identity? – YouTube video from The Gospel Coalition.


Male and Female Sex/Gender Differences and Role Differences

*Beautiful Difference: The (Whole-Bible) Complementarity of Male and Female – From the Gospel Coalition.
*Man and Woman in Creation (Genesis 1 and 2) – Article which explains the differences between men and women looking at the Creation accounts.

*Jesus, Make me the man you want me to be – Great song for asking God to help us live into our identity as men.
*How Are Men and Women Different? – Well written careful article by pastor Kevin DeYoung.
*When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment – About transgenderism but also examines the real general differences between men and women in the most helpful way.
*Acting Like Men – Great article on what it means to be a man, emphasizing strength and love.
*Taking Sex Differences in Personality SeriouslyNew approaches are shedding light on the magnitude of sex differences in personality, and the results are so strong and pervasive that they can no longer be ignored. At Scientific American.
Humanity as Male and Female – From the Gospel Coalition.
Gender and Sexuality – From the Gospel Coalition.
The Google Memo: What Does the Research Say about Gender Differences? – Analyzing a multitude of studies on sex/gender differences.
Biblical Foundations for Manhood and Womanhood – A free book by Wayne Grudem on the biblical differences between men and women and their roles.
The Gospel as Interpretive Key to 1 Corinthians 10:31-11:16 – On Christian Worship, Head Coverings, and the Trinity.
Left vs. Fact: Male and Female – What’s so Confusing? – PragerU Youtube Video.
Sex Matters – PragerU Youtube Video.
Male and female brains wired differently, scans reveal
He Made Them Male and Female: Sex, Gender and the Image of GodFrom Desiring God.
Not Safe, But Good: The Men We Desperately Need Today – From Desiring God.
‘Her Desire Will Be for Her Husband’? What Genesis 3:16 Means for Marriage – From Desiring God.
Neuroscience of Sex Differences – Wikipedia article looking at brain differences between men and women.
What We Can Teach Our Kids about Complementarianism – From 9Marks.
Biblical Manhood and Womanhood – Or Christlikeness? – From 9Marks.
Making Better Men
Nine Attributes of a Real Man
Want to Be Like Jesus? Be Gentle – From the Gospel Coalition.
What does it mean for a man to lead his Family Spiritually?
Rescuing Warriors from Muscular Christianity – Muscular Christianity may be inappropriate, but there is struggle and war against Satan, sin, and injustice that we must embrace as men.
8 Ways for Men to Make the Friends They Won’t Admit They Need – From the Gospel Coalition.
The Science of Male and Female: What God Teaches Through Nature – From Desiring God.
A Gender Equality Paradox: Countries with more Gender Equality have Fewer Female STEM Grads – Research showing general differences between men and women.
Steven Pinker on the Biology of Sex Differences – Video Lecture.
Women (and Men) in Chess – From the American Conservative. Analyzing sex differences and equality of opportunity.
What Makes a Man – or a Woman? – From Desiring God.
Strong as a Woman – From Desiring God.
What We’ve Lost by Over-sexualizing Male Friendship – About male affection and friendship.
Play the Man You Are – From Desiring God.
The One Essential Ingredient for Biblical Manhood – From Crossway.
O Beard, Where Art Thou? – From Desiring God.
Why Gender Matters – Podcast featuring Kevin DeYoung.
A Short Story of Men – About changes to gender stereotypes due to technology and the importance of male friendships.
Same-Sex Attraction and A Road Less Traveled – Six part resource for those experiencing same sex attraction, but a lot of principles about embracing masculinity in a healthy way that relate to all of us and can be of particular help to crossdressers. Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6.


Pornography, Sexual Sin, and Addiction

*Finally Free: Fighting for Purity with the Power of Grace – Powerful and practical book by Heath Lambert.
*You Can Say No to Porn – Article by pastor John Piper.
*How Porn Addiction Harms the Person – Short video showing how sexual addiction will destroy every area of your life.
*The Great Porn Experiment – Incredibly insightful video about pornography and its effects on men and our culture, but also talks about addiction in general. Can apply to crossdressing addiction as well. TED talk version of same presentation
*How Do I Respond to Sexual Dreams? – From Desiring God.

*What If You Struggle to Forgive Yourself for a Past Sin? – By Randy Alcorn.
*A Prayer to Expose Hidden Sin – From Harvest USA.
*How to Quit Porn: 6 Essential Steps – From Covenant Eyes.
*Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave: Finding Hope in the Power of the Gospel A great book on how to overcome addictions.
*Brain Chemicals and Porn: How Porn Affects Your Brain – From Covenant Eyes.
Your Brain on PornExcellent secular resource for understanding sexual addiction and its effects on the brain, and how to overcome the addiction to pornography or masturbation.
Rebooting Basics
Explanation from Your Brain on Porn for beginning steps to conquer a pornography addiction. The steps would also apply to crossdressing or crossdressing fiction, or crossdressing pictures addictions.
Daily Inventory of Sexual Triggers and Temptations
“Let your sexual triggers and temptations be your teachers.”
RAIN approach
Simple and effective tool to resist urges and temptations when they come.
Your Brain on Porn tools
Tools and ideas to beat pornography addiction. The tips and tools would also help to beat crossdressing addictions, or addictions to crossdressing fiction or pictures.
Reading the Bible and Praying More Won’t Break your Porn Addiction
Bring Your Sin into the Light
– From the Gospel Coalition.
How Does Jesus Meet Us in Our Desires?
– Video from Harvest USA looking at how sexual sin never satisfies.
You Will Regret Giving In: What to do When Tempted
– From Desiring God.
Spiritual Warfare
Sermon by Tim Keller which gives helpful ideas for resisting Satan’s schemes to accuse us and tempt us.
8 Signs of True Repentance
Article at the Gospel Coalition.
15 Ways to Fight Lust with the Sword of the Spirit
Article by Kevin DeYoung at Gospel Coalition.
Can We Sin in Our Sleep? What to do with Troubling Dreams
– From Desiring God.
What Are the Best Protective Software Programs for Recovering Sex, Porn, and Love Addicts?
– From Robert Weiss, examining different internet filter companies.
List of Internet Filters
– From Pluckeye.
A Clear Head in Bed
– Some great practical tips for having self-control over your thoughts from day to day and particularly during sex with your spouse.
Freed for Life
Has resources to break free from pornography addiction. Very helpful to read also for those struggling with sexual crossdressing addictions.
The Porn Pandemic
Helpful video explaining the dangers of sexual addiction.
There’s Still Hope Blog
– Very good blog of articles about overcoming sexual addiction.
Recovery Minute at There’s Still Hope
– Very good short daily tips to break free from sexual addiction.
An Overview of Sex Addiction
by Dorothy Hayden.
What Is Sexual Addiction?
Series of articles about causes, symptoms, and treatment for sexual addictions by Michael Herkov.
Sexual Sin in the Ministry
By Dr. Harry W. Schaumburg.
How Sex Became King
– From the Gospel Coalition.
Why I Stopped watching Porn
TED Talk by Ran Gavrieli.
Pornography Isn’t Your Problem
TED talk by Jason Mahr.
Growing Up in a Pornified Culture
TED talk by Gail Dines.
Dealing with Disclosure
– Guidance on how to disclose to a spouse about sexual addiction.
Where Grace Abounds Blog
– Articles on Sexual addiction, pornography, and homosexuality.
Wired for Intimacy
Video examining the way we are bound to pornography (or crossdressing related behaviors) rather than to a person. Explains the neurotransmitters and hormones that are involved.
20 Quotes from Finally Free
From a book by Heath Lambert about overcoming sexual sin.
3 Things to Consider Before That Next Big Sin
 – By Tim Challies, reflecting on the work of John Owen.
The High Cost of Sexual Sin
Pastor John Piper explains in this audio clip how lust is really caused by our unbelief and lack of faith.
Why Isn’t God Answering My Prayers for Deliverance?
– Video from Harvest USA.
The horrors of addiction
Simple video portraying addiction vividly.
I am Stuck in my Sexual Sin. I Always End up Back at Square One. How Do I Truly Change?
– Video by Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation.
The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think
How to Resist Temptation’s Mirage Moment
Article at Desiring God.
9 Steps to Putting That Sin to Death – By Tim Challies.
Why We Give in to Temptation – Article from Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation.
Uncommon Brothers: Why God’s Men Need Good Men
– From Desiring God.
The Dead End of Sexual Sin
Article by Rosaria Butterfield about conquering sexual sin in our lives.
Can Pleasure in God Really Compete with the Pleasures of Porn?
Article at Desiring God.
Four Steps to Kill Nagging Sins
Article at Desiring God.
Has My Sexual Sin Made Me Unsavable?
Article at Desiring God.
It’s Not Too Late: Hope for the Fight Against Porn
– From Desiring God.
Is God Angry at Me When I Sin?
Article at Desiring God.
How to Fight When You Fail
Article at Desiring God.
Grateful Heart: An Antidote to Lust
– From Exodus Global Alliance.
Overcoming Shame Through Scripture: A Personal Journey
– From Harvest USA.
Can You Repent If You Were Caught? 3 Signs of Godly Sorrow
– From Desiring God.
How To Use Accountability Software Right
– Video by Pastor Tim Challies.
8 Steps for Accountability Partners
How to be the Best Accountability Partner Ever
Your Brain on Porn – Get an Accountability Partner
How to Find an Accountability Partner Who Can Really Help You
Christian Accountability Partner: A Beginner’s Guide
What Should I Look for in an Accountability Partner?
Accountability… Getting (and Giving) Support
– From Where Grace Abounds.
America’s Lost Boys
Boys addicted to fantasy using video games and pornography today.
An Open Letter to Those Debilitated by Their Sexual Sin
– From Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation.
Can I be saved if I am living in constant, secret sin?
– Video from Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation.
What should I tell my spouse about sexual sin?
– From Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation.
It’s All About Me: The problem with masturbation
– From Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation.
Breaking Pornography Addiction Part 1
– From Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation.
Openness Unhindered
Another book by Rosaria Butterfield about sexual sin and identity in Christ.
How to Slay the Dragon of Pornography
From the Gospel Coalition.
The Pattern among Fallen Pastors
From the Gospel Coalition.
Kill Whatever Kills Your Love for God
From Desiring God.
Porn-Free Church: Sex, God, and the Gospel
From the Gospel Coalition.
5 Ways Porn Lies to You
– By Tim Challies.
Pure Desire’s Free Tools
– Tools that help you in recovery from sexual addiction.
Techniques Don’t Offer Life – Christ Does
– From Harvest USA.
I was a Pastor Hooked on Porn
From the Gospel Coalition.
Carve Your Eyeball Out of Its Socket
– From the Gospel Coalition.
Pornography: The New Narcotic
From Desiring God.
I Hate Porn –
From Desiring God.
Ammunition for the Fight against Porn
From Desiring God.
A Letter to my Sons about Pornography
From Desiring God.
What Leads Christians Away from Christ
From Desiring God.
Does Porn Use Disqualify a Pastor?
From Desiring God.
A Letter to My Sons about Pornography
From Desiring God.
Never Harmless, Never Private, Never Safe
From Desiring God.
How Satan Gets a Hold On You
From Desiring God.
Satan’s Ten Strategies Against You
From Desiring God.
Is Marriage a Cure for Pornography?
– From Harvest USA.
Did the Devil Make Me Do It?
From the Gospel Coalition.
What Does God Say to Those Who Struggle with Addiction?
– Video from the Gospel Coalition about how to counsel those who have addictions.
Gaining Victory Over Temptation
From Midwestern Seminary.
5 Signs Sin Has a Powerful Grip On Your Life
– With lessons drawn from John Owen.
Blew It Again?
– Article by Joe Dallas about dealing with a relapse into sin.
Living with Unsatisfied Desires
– From Harvest USA.
Porn Is Not Harmless. It’s Cruel
– From the Gospel Coalition.
Sex Addiction, Threat to Freedom
– From Where Grace Abounds.
God is Patient, Be Patient with Yourself
– About the slow process of sanctification.
Are We Too Concerned with Demons?
By R.C. Sproul.
Has My Sexual Sin Made Me Unsavable? – From Desiring God.
More Than Sexual Purity: Five Ambitions for Christian Men – From Desiring God.
Why is Sexual Immorality Such a Big Deal? – From Harvest USA.
Do you Find Yourself at a Crossroads with Addiction – From New Growth Press.
Can You Re-Wire Your Brain? – From Harvest USA.
Happily Ever After? Sexuality, Marriage, and the Gospel – From Harvest USA.
Do Christians Still Have Evil Desires? – From Desiring God.
The Internet is Pornographically Shaped – By Samuel D. James.
Does the Battle Ever Get Any Easier? – From Harvest USA.
The Bondage Breaker – Book about spiritual freedom and overcoming addictions.
Fighting Porn Addiction with Grudem’s Systematic Theology – Podcast by John Piper.
5 Dos and Don’ts if You’re Struggling with Pornography – Video by Allen Parr on YouTube.
Pornography and Church Discipline – From Desiring God.
The Porn Epidemic: A Conversation with Noah Filipiak – From the Theology in the Raw Podcast.
Why Can’t I Defeat This Particular Sin? – Video message by Paul Tripp.
Sin is only as Hidden as God Allows – From Fight of Faith Blog.
Myth Busters: Sex Every 72 Hours – Podcast from Pure Desire.
A Cure for Impotence: Stop Using Porn! – From Covenant Eyes
Three Circles – Defining Sexual Sobriety in SAA.
10 Stages of Love Addiction – Relevant to pornography and crossdressing as well.
Am I Really Saved? – From Harvest USA.
FASTER Relapse Awareness Scale – Recovery Tool from Pure Desire.
The Opposite of Sexual Sin – From Harvest USA.
From Accountability to Discipleship – From Covenant Eyes.
How to Change a Negative Sexual Pattern – YouTube video from Dr. Dawn Michael.
A Prayer for Battling a Destructive Desire – By Tim Challies.
Mind the Gap: The Danger of Delayed Confession – From Harvest USA.
How Can I Overcome the Sin of Pornography? – Short video by Paul Tripp.
Are you “Struggling” With Sin? – We need to be careful to actually be struggling with sin, not living in it. By Russell Moore.
Help! My Sin Has Caused Severe Suffering – Can God forgive me again? From Harvest USA.
Exiting the Highway to Porn – From Harvest USA.
Freedom in the Spirit – Sermon by Tim Keller which is excellent to understand the real grace we have in Christ, especially after a failure. There is no condemnation.
Myths About Pornography – From Covenant Eyes.
Does the Bible Really Prohibit Sex Outside of Marriage – By Preston Sprinkle.
5 Tested Tips to Break Free from Porn Addiction – From Covenant Eyes.
Porn and Sex Trafficking: Is There a Connection? – From Covenant Eyes.
Masturbation: How it Changes Your Personality – Video from Dr. Trish Leigh.
Top 5 Ways to Quit Porn – Video from Dr. Trish Leigh.
Porn Addiction? – From Harvest USA.
‘Straight Men, Gay Porn’ and Other Brain Map Mysteries – From Your Brain on Porn.
Quit Porn: Your Life Depends on it – Video from Dr. Trish Leigh.
Porn and Dopamine, What is the Connection? – Video from Dr. Trish Leigh.
The Slippery Slope of Small Sins – From Harvest USA.
Forgiveness and Seeing the Father’s Smile – About God’s forgiveness after we sin.
A First Aid Kit for Sexual Temptation – From Harvest USA. A practical step to take in fighting temptation.
Addiction Is the Disease of Desire – From First Things.
Sathiyas Sam interviews Dr. Trish Leigh: The 3 Factors Crucial for Porn Recovery – YouTube Interview.
Combined Both the Offensive & Defensive Strategies to Quit Porn (w/Coach Zack Carter) Part #2 – YouTube video.
10 Symptoms of Porn Addiction Withdrawal – From Covenant Eyes. It equally applies to crossdressing.
Should We Track Porn Free Days? – Podcast from Porn Free Radio.
Porn Locks Your Brain in a Dopamine Dungeon – Video by Dr. Trish Leigh.
Sex Addiction is Not About Sex – Video by Dr. Rob Weiss.
Free Your Mind to Heal Your Brain from Porn – Video by Dr. Trish Leigh.
You CAN Quit Porn. Here’s How – Video by Dr. Trish Leigh.



Resources for Wives

*My Un-ordinary lifeBlog written by a wife of a crossdresser sharing her painful experiences.
*Jesus and Your Unwanted Journey: Wives Finding Comfort after Sexual Betrayal – Study guide for small groups.
*Should my Wife be my Accountability Partner? – Podcast.
*What Should a Believer do if his or her spouse chooses to live a Transgender Lifestyle? – From Got Questions.
Gae Hall’s testimony – About having a transgendered husband.
We Divorced Because My Husband Was a Crossdresser
He can Never Be She – Book by Gae Hall. About how her marriage was destroyed by transgenderism. Also talks about why crossdressing is sinful, how to deal with a husband who crossdresses, and the dangerous effects of crossdressing and transgenderism.
What Every Wife of a Sex Addict Has a Right to Know About Her Husband’s Recovery
When your Husband is Addicted to PornFrom the Gospel Coalition.
Am I Responsible for My Husband’s Sexual Sin? – From Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation.
Both Spouses Need Care After Sexual Infidelity – From Harvest USA.
Hurting Wives: Jesus is with You – From Harvest USA.
Women’s Takeover #1 – Healing from Betrayal w/ Dr. Barbara Steffens – Podcast from Pure Desire Ministries.
Wives and Porn: What Not to Say After She Knows – From Harvest USA.
My Husband Sinned Against Me – Why Do I Carry the Shame? – From Harvest USA.
How Do I Address My Spouse’s Ongoing Sin? – From Desiring God.
Hope after Porn – Free book for wives from Covenant Eyes.
Hurting Wives: Follow Mary’s Example in Unexpected Trial – From Harvest USA.
Wives, God Sees You – From Harvest USA.
A Wife’s Journey Forward When Restoration is Slow or Unsure – From Harvest USA.



Ministries and Organizations

*Harvest USA – Christian organization that gives discipleship and counseling assistance to help people find hope in Jesus Christ when struggling with sexual brokenness of any kind, including transgenderism.
*Design & Intent Ministries – Christian organization that seeks to help people with sexual addiction or transgender issues.
*Celebrate Recovery – Excellent recovery organization similar to 12 step programs, but focused on Jesus. Excellent curriculum for fighting addiction.
*The Center for Faith, Sexuality, & Gender Group of pastors and leaders trying to equip the church to engage questions about sexuality and gender.
*CDAA: Cross Dressaholics Anonymous – Telephone 12 Step Support Group.   Dial (848) 220-3300 then enter access code 656-5945#
  See the website for up to date schedule of the phone meetings.
*Recovery Group – Healing CD Discord Server – A place for the Recovery Group’s members to discuss by text and voice.
Covenant Eyes
 – Screen Accountability for Pornography and sexual addiction.
Where Grace Abounds
– Organization that supports men and women who seek to understand sexuality and relationship, and to inspire all people to know and personally appropriate God’s plan for their sexuality and relationships.
Maybe You Should Talk to Someone (Counseling 101) – Article about whether to see a counselor or not.
Restored Hope Network – A coalition of ministries serving those who desire to overcome sinful relational and sexual issues in their lives and those impacted by homosexuality.
Come Arise Ministries – A Christian ministry that aims to provide education and support to those struggling with or wanting further understanding about gender identity, sexuality and relational connection with others.
Marital Healing – A Roman Catholic resource site for marriage and family counseling.
Equipped To Love – Christian organization which compassionately helps people to walk away from homosexuality.
Sex Addicts Anonymous – 12 steps to overcome sexual addiction.
Sexaholics Anonymous – Overcoming sexual addiction.
First Stone Ministries – Christian organization that helps people overcome sexual brokenness and addiction, including homosexuality, sexual abuse, pornography, and crossdressing.
Stand To Reason – A Christian organization with many helpful articles about the Christian faith, homosexuality, and other ethical issues.
Help 4 Families – Christian organization trying to help those struggling with gender identity disorders, and their families. Many links to support groups.
Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity – Scientific organization trying to help those who struggle with unwanted homosexuality.
Desert Stream Ministries – A safe place to find healing for sexual and relational brokenness through Jesus.
One by One – A ministry that educates and equips churches to minister to those who desire freedom from unwanted same-sex attraction, sexual addiction, and the effects of sexual abuse.
Pure Passion – Equipping the church to minister to those in sexual sin.
Sy Rogers Communications – Website of Sy Rogers, speaker/minister who struggled with homosexuality and transgenderism.
Healing for the Soul – Christian organization that helps those with sexual addiction or unwanted same-sex attraction.
Be Broken Ministries – They seek to help people break free from sexual addiction and find healing by God’s grace.
Pure Desire Ministries International – They help people break free from sexual addiction.
Pure Hope – They help people pursue sexual purity and work against sexual exploitation.
Hope and Freedom – Works to set people free from compulsive sexual behavior.
Operation Integrity – Christian organization helping people to overcome addiction using 12 step literature.
XXXChurch – Christian organization seeking to help people conquer pornography addiction. Lots of great resources and testimonies at their site.
Voice of the Voiceless – The mission of Voice of the Voiceless is to defend the rights of former homosexuals, individuals with unwanted same-sex attraction, and their families.
A Living Letter – Their mission is to build up the Church to understand and respond to the issues of sexual brokenness from a fully biblical foundation, equally rooted in truth and love.
Anchored For Life – Anchored for Life is a voice of hope and the love of Christ to those desiring freedom from same sex attraction, homosexuality, and other sexual issues.
There’s Still Hope: Recovery & Restoration – A couple who counsels people stuck in sexual addiction, with a special emphasis on helping pastors.
Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation – Has Christian counselors available to help you overcome your sexual addiction.
The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood – Has many articles and resources addressing transgenderism and homosexuality.
New Life Ministries – Every Man’s Battle.
Heart to Heart Counseling Center – Counseling for sexual addiction, many resources, videos, and classes available.
Healing For The Soul – Jayson Graves, Sexual Integrity Specialist.
Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays – A national non-profit organization committed to helping ex-gays and parents and friends of gays who want help, hope and community.
Regeneration: Becoming Whole – Regeneration equips men, women, and families to learn and live God’s good, holy, and beautiful design for sexuality.
His Wonderful Works – Their mission is to bring hope, healing and freedom in Christ to individuals, churches and ministries in the areas of family, relationships and sexuality.
Exchange Ministries – Provides inspiration, hope and refuge to those seeking to re-align their sexual identity with their identity in Christ through equipping and supporting the church, individuals and families of LGBTQ+ identified loved ones.
Reconciliation Ministries – A ministry that helps men and women overcome sexual and relational difficulties in a safe, confidential, Christian setting.
Path of Life – Exists to offer Christ-centered hope and resources for sexual health and relational wholeness.
Pure Life Alliance – Helping people overcome sexual addiction.
Portland Fellowship: Proclaiming Freedom for the Captives – Helping those with unwanted same-sex attraction through a message of freedom and hope found in Jesus Christ.
Christian Coalition for Reconciliation – An educational, support, and discipling ministry for those dealing with homosexuality, as well as those affected by it.
Joe Dallas Counseling Services – Biblical counseling for people dealing with sexual and relational problems.
Restoring Wholeness – Counseling organization addressing relational and sexual issues.
Outpost Ministries – Counseling for men and women seeking freedom from unwanted same-sex attractions.
Reach Truth – Organization to help those struggling with same-sex attraction through an online program.
Taking Back Ground – Online discipleship program for those struggling with same-sex attraction.
Mid-Valley Fellowship – Organization helping individuals obtain sexual and relational wholeness.
Exodus Global Alliance – Proclaiming that faith in Christ and a transformed life is possible for the homosexual through the transforming power of Jesus Christ.
Exodus Latin America – Una parte de Exodus Global Alliance, asociación interdenominacional de ministerios cristianos a nivel mundial, dedicada a proveer herramientas para comunicar el mensaje de salvación e integridad sexual a través del poder transformador de Jesucristo.
Love & Truth Network – Equipping to Restore Relational & Sexual Wholeness.
Apokata Psychotherapy Services – Counseling for sex addiction by Robert Brennan.
New Creation Ministries – Caring for individuals and marriages impacted by relational brokenness.
New Hope Ministries – A Christ centered ministry designed to help people struggling with homosexuality leave their past lifestyle and to fully embrace their true identity in Jesus Christ.
The Recovery Village Ridgefield – Organization that provides counseling specific to people in the LGBT community who struggle with substance abuse or other mental health issues.
Brothers Road – A “non-profit, multi-faith, international fellowship primarily of men from bisexual or same-sex-attracted backgrounds who — for our own, deeply personal reasons — typically do not accept or identify with the label “gay” and prefer instead to explore and address underlying issues and embrace our authentic masculinity.”
Uncovering Intimacy – Blogs and podcasts to help couples grow in marital intimacy and overcome sexual problems.
Fight For Love Ministries – Brings hope and truth to women battling porn in their relationships.




*Faith, Sexuality and Gender Digital Leaders Forum – Excellent online course from the Center for Faith, Sexuality, and Gender for pastors to know how to better care for LGBT people in their churches.
*Does the Bible Support Same-Sex Marriage?: 21 Conversations from a Historically Christian View – Book by Dr. Preston Sprinkle.
*Making Sense of Scripture’s “Inconsistency” – Great article by Tim Keller showing how Christians should interpret the Old Testament Law.

*Not that Kind of Homosexuality – Examining the common but bad argument that Paul was condemning a different kind of homosexuality than ours of today.
*A Christian Perspective on Homosexuality – By William Lane Craig. Discusses moral relativism, truth, and the Bible’s commands. The principles he discusses apply to crossdressing as much as to homosexuality.
*The Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender – Free Resources – Downloadable booklets on various issues concerning homosexuality and transgenderism.
*Five Ministry Priorities for Those Struggling with Same-Sex Attraction – By Michael Emlet.
*Washed and Waiting: Reflections on Christian Faithfulness and Homosexuality – Book by Wesley Hill.
*Theology in the Raw Podcast – Many episodes discussing homosexuality and the Bible.
A Christian Psychology of and Response to Homosexuality – By professor Sam Williams.
The Christian Debate over Sexual Identity – Interview of Sam Allberry.
How I Wish the Homosexuality Debate Would Go – One of the best articles I’ve read about how to talk to critics about our belief that homosexual behavior is immoral. The article talks about presenting the Christian faith, as well as issues of bigotry, intolerance, etc.
The Gospel According to Jesus Christ and the Gay Christian – By Stephen Black.
When Homosexuality Comes Home: Three Lessons for Engaging Loved Ones – From Desiring God.
Freedom Video – First Stone’s freedom video. Good thoughts about recovering from homosexuality.
The Bible and Same-Sex Relationships – By Tim Keller. His ideas can help us think through issues of crossdressing and the Bible as well.
PCA Report on Human Sexuality – Biblical and theological analysis of issues related to homosexuality.
When Even Joel Osteen is Treated as a Bigot – Great article about responding to the issue of homosexuality as Christians. About objective truth, Christian faith, judgmentalism, etc.
Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert – Book by Rosaria Butterfield about her journey from being a liberal feminist lesbian to becoming a Christian.
Don’t Sell Your Birthright for Sex – From the Gospel Coalition.
Effeminate Men, Masculine Women – From Exodus Global Alliance.
If the Church were a Haven – About the need for the church to be welcoming and safe for those with same-sex attraction.
Spiritual Friendship: A Gay Christian Perspective – Video of Wesley Hill speaking.
If Same-Sex Attraction Persists: Finding Christ in the Fires of Temptation – From Desiring God.
The “Ex-Gay” Movement – Video of Justin Lee. I don’t agree with all of it, but it’s a good critique.
Homosexuality “debate”: Justin Lee & Preston Sprinkle dialogue – Video.
Gays and Christians: Building Bridges – Video of Justin Lee. Good ideas for dialogue even when disagreeing.
Writing in the Dust – Tumblr site of Wesley Hill, Gay Christian Theologian.
Spiritual Friendship – Blog by Wesley Hill, Gay Christian Theologian, about celibacy and friendship.
Essays by Elizabeth Woning – Articles on homosexuality and the Christian faith by former lesbian Elizabeth Woning.
When Homosexuality Comes Home: Three Lessons for Engaging Loved Ones – From Desiring God.
Are We Living Out Romans 1? Blessing and Curse in a Post-Obergefell World – Article by Rosaria Butterfield.
An Atheist and a Pastor on Same-Sex Relations and the Image of the Self – From the Gospel Coalition.
My Same-Sex Attraction Has an Answer – Article by Rachel Gilson at Christianity Today.
Restored Hope Network FAQ – Explains the definitions of reparative therapy and conversion therapy and explains how Christian counseling is not the same thing.
Where to Find Hope and Help amid the Sexual Revolution – From the Gospel Coalition.
Did God Make Me This Way? – From Harvest USA.
But That’s Just Your Interpretation – By D.A. Carson, addressing the common objection that we don’t know how to interpret Scripture on sexual issues.
Homophobia Has No Place in the Church – By a Christian man who experiences same-sex attraction.
Every Part of Us Needs God – By a Christian woman who experiences same-sex attraction.
Why Homosexuality is Not Like Other Sins
May SSA Christians have non-sexual romantic relationships? – By Sam Allberry.
Joe Dallas Videos – Videos about homosexuality and marriage from counselor Joe Dallas.
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Is Homosexuality Really the Worst Sin? – By John Piper.
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God’s Design for Sexuality in a Changing Culture – Resource from Harvest USA covering marriage, pornography, homosexuality, and transgender issues.
Celibacy, Marriage, or Surrender? – From Harvest USA.


Miscellaneous Links – Books, Music, Etc.

Bible Gateway – For reading the Bible.
This is how it feels to be free – Great song about being free in Christ, forgiven for our sins, and having power over sin.
Victory – Song by Yolanda Adams. Powerful song to help you realize your victory in Christ over sin.
Sacred Marriage – Great book on how God uses marriage challenges to make us more holy.
God’s Chisel – Powerful video about how we are God’s masterpieces.
20 Quotes from a New Book on How to Be True to Yourself – From the Gospel Coalition.
Don’t Be Yourself – From Desiring God.
Don’t Follow Your Heart – From Desiring God.
You are Beautiful – Mike Young Spoken Word.
Guys Need Bros – Article from Desiring God about the need for friendships with other men.


  1. On drugs

    Most psychologists these days believe that gender identity can diverge from biological sex. The idea is that humans are so complicated that this can and does happen, that the formation of gender identity is a complicated process, and there is plenty of opportunity for it to go off the rails (here is a good summary: I’ve been going through the above list and elsewhere looking for arguments to the contrary. Instead, I find mostly political arguments (eg, referring to “Transgender Ideologies”), and plenty of discussion of how disruptive and destructive TG and related behaviors are (not news to me!) I’m looking for anything that explains why TG is not real, not political arguments about why it’s terrible.

    For example: ends with this: “But what about gender identity—one’s internal sense of self … ? It’s already 5:30pm … Let’s call it a day and tackle this one in the next post.” But then NO follow-up, no Part 3 !

    The closest thing I can find is autogynephilia. But even if autogynephilia is real that does not necessarily mean that TG is not. And some autogynephilia theorists even accept transitioning as an acceptable outcome since it is incurable and intractable.

    • Barnabas

      Great to hear from you after a really long time! How have you been?

      Thank you for the insightful comment. Have you read the books that are listed?

      I confess that I have not delved too much into the area of biology and transgenderism. There is a lot to read. And it can get complicated. Mostly I’ve read summaries from people who have read those details, such as “Embodied” a book by Preston Sprinkle. Or Understanding Gender Dysphoria. I would love to delve into this area myself but time is prohibiting me from doing so. With the limited time I have, I try to get deeper into AGP which is what most of the guys here are struggling with. That would explain the lack of good articles on this list that you are looking for.

      Other than doing google searches, I would recommend you read some of the books that I’ve listed above on transgender, and then look at the detailed footnotes in those books to find the deeper resources that you are looking for.

      Do some more searches at centerforfaith also, because I thought I remember some detailed articles on biology there.

      You can also come at it logically, which many of the articles do. You say – “Most psychologists these days believe that gender identity can diverge from biological sex.” but what does that mean? What is a gender identity? Is it a thing of physical substance, or does it simply refer to how a person views themselves? If the latter, than of course I’d agree with that. Many people have a view of themselves that doesn’t fit their biological sex, to a more or less degree. But that is a far cry from saying that there is something biological in them that makes them actually someone of the opposite sex. Anyway, you can start to go in circles with terminology and people saying things like, “a woman is someone who views themselves as a woman.” But what is a woman then? Anyway, let me stop there, and just reiterate that I would love to delve into the biology when I get time.

      If you find good resources, please post them here! Even for contrary views to my own, I would love to still read them.

      • On drugs

        I have also been quite busy, so only occasionally have time to delve into this stuff. It seems that there is more repetitive unhelpful verbiage expended on the subject of transgender than almost anything else! But I do understand that my questions do not align with your primary mission; just that it seemed at first glance that the Resources page might already have the answers.

        But to answer your question “What is a gender identity?” I would say it is a neurological state in the brain, deeper and more permanent than simply how a person views himself. For example, I could view myself as a great engineer based on feedback from others, successful projects completed, etc, but failure could change my view. And I agree that you can go in circles with terminology, which is why I stay away from semantic arguments such as what “a woman is”.

    • Jack

      The Book Male Female Other by Jason Evert talks about these issues and more. He spent over 2 years researching it. It has 24 pages of references. He looks at the 18 top claims of Gender Theory Advocates presents their arguments and looks at the science. He has talked with hundreds of individuals who suffer with gender dysphoria in his chastity ministry. He has a religious perspective but feels that both those on the left and the right just want to argue and not actually help those with gender issues. His book is available on Amazon and his website

      • On drugs

        Thanks Jack. It seems to me that Evert accepts that TG (and GD) are real phenomena. He argues that they are essentially delusional, and presents a lot of religious and philosophical arguments to that effect. His main concern is what to do about it. I agree that it is a kind of insanity, that you might be able to have a coherent GI in your brain opposite from your body.

        • Jack

          I found his book very helpful. I am reading it for the second time. I have read some of his other books and find him to be a genuine person who wants to help others. In chapter 14, he lists 12 issues that can cause a person to be gender dysphoric. Four of them resinate with me in some way but I don’t feel a need to change my gender. However, I can see that if I ran into the wrong people they might try to convince me otherwise.


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