I’m sure there are about 20 different links with information like this, but I used the one I found most quickly – here. It’s not my intention to attack this website. Not at all. I don’t know the person who made the site. I can tell that they don’t think crossdressing is wrong based upon my brief perusal. But anyway my point is not to talk about this website at all. My point is to talk about the list below. I’ve copied it directly from the mentioned link. But I’ve come across many very similar lists during my life. They are common in crossdressing circles. If the owner of the website is upset about this, they can please let me know by commenting below. But my intention is not to get a debate going, but instead just to give you my reflections on some of these. I realize some of them were meant to be playful, and not logical arguments in favor of crossdressing, but I still think it is an interesting exercise to think through the type of thinking behind these statements. My comments will be in italics.



1. YOU have a live in cosmetologist.          Do you really want one or need one? Do you clip your husbands’ toenails for him? Does he really need to do your makeup?

2. If he wears a skirt it’s easy access.

3. He always envies you because he would rather be wearing what you are wearing.               Envy is a sin, not a good thing. How is this okay?

4. You can have a girlfriend as well as a boyfriend who doesn’t mind waiting while you take your time shopping.           Can’t you find some real friends who are women? Men should have patience when they shop with their wives, and vice versa. This should have nothing to do with crossdressing.

5. You can double your wardrobe if he’s the same size as you!           Much of attraction is about being attracted to our differences. Do we really want our spouse to be wearing the same thing?

6. You never have to worry about cheating on you with another woman. He IS the other woman!!           This one is true. But the sad fact is that he is still cheating in a way. It is another woman, but it is himself. In some ways it’s less harmful than a real woman but also it is more messed up and confused than having an affair with a real woman. Instead of loving someone else besides you, he is himself the object of his physical and emotional attraction.

7. You always have a girlfriend to go shopping and have lunch with!!        Again women should get other real women as friends. And encourage your husband to spend quality time with you, even if part of that quality time is shopping and having lunch together. He can do so as a man, without crossdressing.

8. He’ll NEVER object to being a clothes dummy and wearing a dress while you hem it.           That is because he has an unhealthy obsession with female clothing.

9. While shopping, you can test a new shade of nail polish on him and he doesn’t complain or asks to see a matching lipstick.

10. He’ll rarely have that scratchy five o’clock shadow.             If men can keep clean shaven in order to fulfill their crossdressing fantasies, surely they should be able to do so just to please their wives.

11. He’ll never ask you to have a threesome with another woman as long as he can wear the lingerie.             This one is not worth responding to.

12. He will be sympathetic about your excess body hair.                   The gold of sympathy and empathy is to care even when you haven’t experienced it yourself, but you try to understand their point of view. You can be sympathetic concerning what your wife does without having to have had the experience yourself. You can also give your wife more tolerance and tell her she doesn’t need to shave so often.

13. He won’t tear your lingerie when removing it from you.             Do any husbands normally tear their wives’ clothes?

14. He won’t mind waiting on you or your girlfriends and he won’t forget to curtsey.           Do you want your husband to pretend he is a maid? Or you just want him to be helpful and to serve you? He can do so without having a crossdressing addiction.

15. If you need a slip for that new dress you bought and he happens to have the perfect one, and lets you borrow it.

16. You can switch off wearing the high heels while on a long shopping spree.          Just don’t wear them if they hurt your feet.

17. A man in a dress makes a good cook.             Seriously? Why is it that most crossdressers or those affirming of it, seem to be stuck in outdated offensive gender stereotypes?

18. He loves to smell perfume and will give you an honest opinion.            I would hope he would give you an honest opinion anyway.

19. You can test a new shade of lipstick on him.                   Will you let him test his cologne or jockstrap on you?

20. If you purchase something for your home, it won’t be too feminine.

21. At least the toilet seat will be down.                       Can’t he put it down without being crossdressed?

22. He is a lot easier to buy gifts for.                           Yes, because crossdressers tend to be obsessive compulsive about their clothes, extremely materialistic, never having enough. You will only be feeding his addiction.

23. He knows just the right way to make love, takes his time and knows just what makes you tick!          How does this have anything to do with crossdressing? This sentence actually describes a loving husband who has talked to his wife, and learned what she enjoys.

24. He will understand much better that the best thing a girl can have when she feels down is new clothes.      This reminds me of a video I saw recently with a shopping addict who got a high every time he bought new clothes. Our culture says buying new stuff makes us happy. That is not the way to be happy, nor is it a Christian attitude.

25. If he buy’s you clothes, you know he sizes them right.

26. You can take him to the hair salon with you and he will sit quietly while you both get your hair done and he will never complain. In fact he will thank you.

27. The only time he will ever care if you wear curlers to bed is if he has to wear the oversized rollers.

28. He understands why you don’t care for spending 8 hours a day in pantyhose and high heels.      I have never spent 8 hours in pantyhose and high heels, but still understand why my wife doesn’t want to, because she has explained it to me. That should be enough.

29. Never complains about leaving delicate underwear out to dry.      I’ve done this for my wife all the time, even hanging up her underwear. And it had nothing to do with my crossdressing past. It’s called helping out with the laundry.

30. You have a girlfriend who doesn’t get PMS.

31. He will not only shop with you but pay the bill as well!           Why do you have divided finances in your marriage?

32. He knows how to handle delicates when he does the laundry.      It’s not hard to teach this to a regular man!

33. Satin and velvet are more snuggly than denim and wool.         They are starting to make men’s clothing with more comfortable material. Get that instead.

34. He understands the need for quality cosmetics.

35. You have even more excuses to go shopping, and he will even carry the bags.         These wives seem to be as unhealthily obsessed with shopping as crossdressers are. I didn’t know that non-crossdressing men refused to help carry bags.

36. You can borrow his jewelry, clothes & makeup.

37. He understands why you go through so many pairs of stockings.

38. He no longer expect you to get ready for a night on the town in 15 minutes or less.

39. The world needs more feminists in lipstick.

40. You can take the Cosmo quizzes together.

41. You can ask him how an outfit looks, and get an intelligent response.         Wow, are normal non-crossdressing men really so lazy, obnoxious, stupid, and uncaring as this list makes them seem?

42. His new friends don’t spend all day watching football.            Yes, instead they spend all day watching each other try on clothing made for the opposite sex that really doesn’t fit their bodies. If you are lucky, they will also masturbate to their images in the mirror together.

43. He knows to walk slow when you’re wearing heels.              Again, are normal men so stupid that they don’t know this?

44. If he says “Hon, you look nice.” you know he really means it.               I don’t lie to my wife, do you guys?

45. He can spot makeup smudges better than any other guy.

46. He’s like having a live in cosmetologist.

47. He loves to go shopping with you and watch you try on clothes.        This is something fun for me to do, and even more fun now that I don’t crossdress anymore. I think most men enjoy looking at their wives.

48. He knows how to treat a lady with care, sensitivity and respect.              Yes, because to treat women sensitively you have to dress up like one? Really?

49. He’s a girl friend that will stick around and won’t flake out on you or stab you in the back.            This list seems to be sexist towards both men and women. Are women friends that bad?

50. He loves to dress up and have long chat sessions.            I’m way more talkative than my wife, and I’m naturally that way without crossdressing.

51. You can have a threesome without adding another partner.               Disgusting, both to think of actual threesomes, and this metaphorical perverted threesome.

52. If you’ve ever been bi-curious you can experiment a little.                     So let’s encourage a little homosexuality with our crossdressing? Another example of how going against God’s commands in one area often leads to breaking others of his commands.

53. You know one of you will have a tissue with you when you need it.

54. Dress him up in a French Maid’s Uniform and you have a house cleaner for the day.           Or you can ask your adult husband to be an adult and please equally share the load of chores.


Sorry for so many sarcastic comments. It was really hard to go through this list without being offended. But I guess I want to try to end with compassion. This list seems to be made by people who are stuck in a crossdressing situation. The people that come up with lists like these are husbands who want to somehow rationalize their crossdressing and think of whatever they can to make it more palatable to their wives who are probably disgusted by trying to live with it as best they can. And these lists are probably made by wives who are stuck with the perversion of crossdressing in their home, but don’t want to give up their husbands, and want to keep loving him, and so they do the best they can to enjoy the situation and look for ways to make it fun and enjoyable, even though deep down they would rather he not be like this. I feel sorry for these people and I want to help them. Again, I’m not trying to attack anyone. These are just my thoughts on some of these things listed. I realize this list is not an argument for why crossdressing is okay, nor are my comments an argument as to why it is not okay, but they simply are some of my comments from my own perspective, my perspective which you can read about elsewhere on my site. I think it’s good food for thought.