I read this article in the News – Transgender Americans take on New York – I found it interesting but also troubling in a few ways.

First of all, I always think it is strange when transsexuals make statements like – “It is the contents of a person’s mind and soul, they say, which determine sex – not what is inside their pants.” If they really believe that it’s all about what is in a person’s mind and soul, then why are they trying so hard to change what their bodies look like so they appear as biological females or biological males? If it’s just about having a more feminine soul, why are they dressing like biological women dress? Why can’t they just be themselves with their unique personality without trying to physically become women?

Perhaps they might respond to me that they have a “female soul” and that “female soul” must match the female body. But unless these people are making up their own religion, they are probably either materialists or pseudo-Christians. If materialists, then there is no room for belief in a soul, since people are just atoms and molecules. If Christians, there is no evidence in the Bible that souls are sexed, and even if they were, it makes no sense to think that God would create someone with a male body but a female soul. Everything we know from Scripture points to the fact that human beings are body and soul together, not that we are a soul trapped in a body, or a body with an infestation of a soul. Both my soul and my body are “me” and they are together, and without having both of them, I would not be me nor would I be a human being. I think all of this shows the confusion that crossdressers and transgendered people have about their own desires and feelings with regards to their sex and their physical body. They are grasping at philosophical straws to rationalize what they want to do. I write this matter of factly, but I realize that with each individual person there is a lot of pain involved, and they need our compassion. One component of compassion is gently talking to them and helping them to realize that their argument does not make sense.

Back to the article. I like some of the people’s comments at the bottom of the article. They are saying that the birth certificate is a historical record of the historical fact that the baby was born as male or female. And that is not something that should be changed, even if we allow people to then live as a man or woman officially later on. If it was changed it would be rewriting history.

I’m also troubled by the woman (who is really a man) in the video. She/He doesn’t sound too different from myself. A man who felt more like a woman but was still attracted to women. In his mind he is a real woman, but a real lesbian woman, who was born with the wrong body, a male body. That just sounds so convoluted to me. The fact that he is still attracted to women should have made him rethink his decisions. How do we come up with this stuff? Does he really believe that to be true? Would we believe it if one of our children said he is really a duck but was born in the wrong body? No? Why not? The logic is exactly the same. The child could argue he was born with the soul of a duck in the wrong body. It makes much more sense to believe that we are dealing with a confused man who didn’t realize it is okay to be a sensitive man, a man who doesn’t fit with all the stereotypical notions of what it means to be a man. How can he be okay with having a penis and yet still feeling like he is a woman? What does that mean for him? If he was forced to answer, what would he say? Not that he is attracted to men. Not that he doesn’t like his penis. Maybe just that he is more graceful and sensitive and emotional than typical men, or women’s clothes are more comfortable. But that doesn’t make him a woman! I’d like to hear better arguments for transsexualism that don’t include any false gender stereotypes.

I have compassion for these people, as I’ve had very similar feelings myself and often desired to live as a woman. But I think they are confused and need help, just like I was confused. They do not need surgery. I’m also troubled by the direction our culture is going. Someday will young men have to make sure the woman he wants to date or marry is really a woman or is it a man deceiving him? We need to be praying for our culture. And we need to stop being silent. Even if the mainstream culture continues to celebrate transgenderism and peg dissenters as bigots, we need to continue to speak about this truthfully and logically, and with compassion.