This is a pretty graphic topic, but it seems practical enough for me to talk about, because dealing with these issues is a reality for most of us. First of all, if you want my thoughts on masturbation, see my long post on it here. I’ll try not to repeat myself too much. This post is more about nocturnal emissions, and how they sometimes coincide with crossdressing dreams, and I’m going to explore the possible connection to regular sex, masturbation, or lack thereof.

So, what do guys do who aren’t married? What is their sexual outlet? Nocturnal emissions of course. So one could say that masturbation is not necessary and so we should not do it. I’ve noticed this is also the case in marriage. If a married couple ever goes for a little while without sex, say during times of travel, or when a wife is having her period, it is not unusual for the husband to have a nocturnal emission. So again, we could say masturbation is not necessary, because God has provided the means of nocturnal emission. I’m not coming at this from a scientific angle, so perhaps some men don’t have nocturnal emissions, but I would guess most men do if they aren’t having sex regularly and are not masturbating.

If you read my post about masturbation you’ll see that for the most part I think masturbation is wrong and sinful. There is a problem I see though. It seems that for some people their wet dreams feel more sinful than their times spent masturbating. Let me explain. For many men, when they have a nocturnal emission, they wake up and remember their dream. For men with a history of crossdressing, it is likely that their sexual dream was actually a crossdressing dream. And these dreams can ignite temptation and cause many other problems. See my post – Dealing with Dreams. When this happens, these men feel guilty and dirty because of their sinful dreams. But what if these men are able to masturbate without thinking of any sinful fantasies as some claim to be able to do? Then it feels for them like masturbation is the less sinful option. So they prefer to masturbate to get sexual release to avoid the wet dreams.

I don’t want to take the place of God and tell these men what to do. They have to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit. While masturbation seems to be wrong and sinful, it doesn’t seem like wet dreams all about crossdressing are really better. If is an either-or I don’t want to judge these men for regularly masturbating (without sinful fantasies) so that they can avoid the sinful dreams. But I would caution them that they should not let masturbation become an addiction or a crutch. Eventually they should be able to go without and hopefully the content of their wet dreams will change.

What would you suggest to such men?