Non-Religious Recovery Group


This is a non-religious recovery and support group for men who would like to receive encouragement, advice, accountability, and discussion about sexual/gender issues with other men. This is for men struggling with gender dysphoria, crossdressing, or autogynephilia who wish to overcome sexual addiction, experience contentment as men and freedom from crossdressing.

We have created an email-based recovery and support group separate from our primary group, the Christian Recovery group which is just for Christians. This group is more general and it is for men of any religion, whether Muslim, Christian, Hindu, atheist, agnostic, etc. This is a safe place, and a private place, to discuss issues related to crossdressing and gender dysphoria, as well as related addictive behaviors like pornography and transgender fiction. Men here find encouragement, advice, a listening ear, and also if they so choose, accountability from other men. It’s an amazing feeling to talk to people who truly understand some of your deepest pains and desires. In this group people can freely share their views from their various religious perspectives, but it is not expected that we will all agree.

As a recovery group, you can expect to be helped to find contentment in your identity as a man, and you will be encouraged in how to give up crossdressing. This group is not for those who find crossdressing to be a good thing and something that they want to keep in their lives. If you still want to continue crossdressing but want to have discussions about it, you are free to comment on the individual articles and blog posts here, or talk to us in the public forums on this website – Forum for Crossdressers and Wives.

If you fill out the form and questions below, I will add you to our group. (I suggest creating an anonymous email account first). Christians who are already in the prayer group are free to be involved in this group as well. This is an email-based group, but there is customization possible within your account to choose the frequency of emails that you will receive. You are welcome!

There is also a Discord Server that works as an extension of this Recovery Group. The group uses email for communication, but on the Discord channel there are places for text based discussions and voice chats.


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