This post is pretty basic, but from time to time I like to share simple strategies with you that have helped me to fight temptations to crossdress. I have found that taking a nap greatly helps me in times of temptation, especially those times of sexual frenzy, where I feel like I just have to give in.

Sometimes I will be lying down to take a 10 minute nap during the day in order to get some quick sleep. But as I’m lying down I might be fighting fantasizing about crossdressing, whether actual, or something on the computer. I’ve noticed that however much my frenzy and crazy desire is for such things as I’m falling asleep, that by the time I wake up 10 minutes later, the temptations are completely gone, or at the worst, they are still there, but hazy, and the sexual frenzy at least is gone. I can think clearly and easily choose to resist the temptations.

Other times the temptation will arise first. What can I do to distract myself to resist the temptation? Again at such times, I might decide I better take a nap. There are really no times that my body isn’t ready for a nap, so it works easily to lie down, and by the time I wake up, the sexual frenzy and temptations are once again greatly diminished. Of course, in this situation, you must have the willpower to resist the temptations enough to decide to take a nap. But when you are on the fence this is a good system. I’ve also successfully tricked myself many times, saying to myself, “if I still want to do this when I wake up, then I can do it after the nap.” But then the desire is gone upon waking, so it’s a win! It’s almost as if my true self tricks my sinful nature. In each of us, we desire both to do what is good and what is not good, and those desires wage war on each other. Try it out.