This was an interesting blog post I came across – The Hypocrisy of the Gay Community in America….Antoine Dobson/Jason Collins. I don’t claim to agree with everything in the post. However, I resonated with the main point. As the author points out, many in the LGBT community love to clamor for freedom and tolerance. But when it comes to tolerating others who disagree with their views, they lose their tolerance. It ends up being a tolerance that only tolerates people who have similar views. As the author says, they argue for everyone to be true to themselves. So if you come out as gay you are celebrated for being true to yourself. But in logical contrast to their passionate arguments, if a person experiencing some same-sex attraction comes out as heterosexual, or chooses to remain celibate, or chooses to get married, or if you claim to have found some tiny change in your sexual attractions due to counseling and prayer, they disdain you. The author notes the hateful accusations against Antoine Dobson. They think he must be part of a cult, or he must be religiously deluded into foolish thinking. I and my website have been treated the same way many times.

If you come out as a crossdresser who no longer is going to attempt to give up the behavior, you are celebrated. But if you are a crossdresser who tries to give up the behavior by your own freewill and choice, then you are looked at with disdain. Even if you succeed and inform people that you are happier now without crossdressing, you are still looked at with disdain. They think, “surely he is just suppressing his desires and pretending to be happy and content, or maybe he has been brainwashed by strange religious fanatics.” And even worse, some people not only will disdain you for this, but they might label you as “dangerous” to the crossdressing community. Unfortunately, as much as I try to help with love and compassion, many view me and this website this way.

I’ve written on this topic before. You can read more of my thoughts in this article – “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” I ask those that are visiting my website to respect my right to not crossdress because I’m happier without it. If you enjoy crossdressing and think it is healthy, okay, do what you would like to do, I cannot stop you. I don’t hate you. I wish you the best. And most of the western world will applaud you and agree with you. But you don’t need to be afraid of an alternate opinion. It is good to listen to one another and learn from each other. It opens our minds up to new ideas. You are welcome to comment on my posts, if you comment with respect and toleration of my views. I look forward to interesting discussion.

In relation to this I’d like to make a request, just in case any critics are reading my blog, or acquaintances of the critics. Please don’t dismiss my website and my arguments simply because I am a man of faith. Please don’t dismiss my website because of what you have heard about it from your friends. Don’t attack my character as a way to avoid my arguments. Instead, read more of my articles and find out for yourself what my website is all about. give my views a fair hearing. Don’t judge prematurely. After reading carefully, comment and give me your criticisms, and we can have an edifying dialogue together.