I think that transgendered individuals and transsexuals often make illogical inconsistent contrary claims. At first glance, these two opposing claims I explain below seem to support one another but I believe on closer inspection they are revealed to contradict one another.

On the one hand transsexuals often argue very vocally that either sex or gender or both don’t matter. They argue that you as a unique individual are all that matters and you are who you are, your sex or gender doesn’t matter so much. Sometimes they are vocal in arguing against gendered labels. Sometimes they argue that there shouldn’t be just two binary genders and that the world should be full of a wonderful gender spectrum of people. They argue that it is your soul that matters, not your outward body, and so your soul is who you really are, even if your body does not match. They strongly oppose gender stereotypes. They argue people should not be confined to certain behaviors based on their genders. They are against people being stifled and persecuted for not fitting into societal gender norms.

All of this sounds like a fairly powerful argument in favor of transgenderism and trans-sexuality. But it is not the whole story.

On the other hand, the people who transition are the ones most entrenched in rigid gender stereotypes, not the people least entrenched. Instead of being free from gender roles and stereotypes, they are the ones most in bondage to them. They are the ones who claim strongly that “men are like this” and “women are like that.” They are the ones lumping people into rigid categories of gender. Therefore, if you are a sensitive nurturing gentle man who likes to dress well, you must really be a woman. They are the ones who label themselves and other people the most strictly. They are the ones to whom gender matters the most, not the least. They think their bodies matter, so so so much, that they get massive surgeries to change their bodies to match up with what they say their soul feels like.

I am troubled by how blind so many people are to this. The two views do not go together. Please pick and choose one. If you are against gender stereotypes, then be the unique man that you are. Be yourself even if you aren’t like most other men. Don’t get surgery or take hormones. Why do we have to make things so complicated in either trying to surgically alter our bodies, or trying to say that there are 5 genders? Why can’t we just be who we are, who God created us to be? If your soul is what matters most to you, then why are you so troubled with getting surgery to alter your body? Why can’t you just accept your body as it is as well as your soul? And what does it mean that your soul is female? Does it mean that you are gentle and sensitive, or do you want to try to argue that your soul has breasts and a vagina? So much of the rhetoric from transgender activists does not make logical sense.

I also wonder how transsexuals who remain attracted to the opposite sex (that is a man trying to live as a woman but still being attracted to women), how does this fact not give them pause? Is it a coincidence that so many transsexuals aren’t attracted to the sex that they should be attracted to if they are really the sex they claim to be? If you aren’t attracted to men, as most women would be, doesn’t this give you some caution that perhaps you are not truly a woman after all?  Homosexuals are what, at most, maybe 3% of the population? It seems to me that most transsexuals I hear about end up claiming to be homosexual as well (like the cases of men becoming women but remaining with their wives because they are still attracted to women). To me this is not coincidence but evidence that these men are suffering from gender confusion, and are not truly women after all.