I am shown on my blog statistics data what some people type in on search engines which brings them to my website. Some of the search terms are very interesting. Sometimes I don’t see the connection at all between what they searched for and my site. And I’m sure many people that accidentally find their way to my blog leave very quickly because it is not what they are looking for. I’m sure my site is the last site some people are looking for based on what things I see people search for, such as “halloween sissy crossdress.”  I’m sure they probably weren’t looking for a site like mine. But it’s amazing how God works. Some people have told me they were looking online to continue in their addiction, but accidentally got to my website, only to have God work in their heart to convict them and want to change how they are living. In fact, many years ago before I started this blog, one day I was looking for crossdressing material online for pleasure, when I stumbled upon the websites of some bloggers that I now have linked to, whose posts woke me up to renewing my fight against crossdressing again. If it can happen to me and radically change my life, God can use the same thing to change somebody else’s life.

But I have observed through looking at those searches that there are A LOT of hurting crossdressers out there, a lot of people who feel in bondage to crossdressing and want freedom from it. We are not alone. So few websites acknowledge this. Most crossdressing websites say that crossdressing is good and healthy, and it’s usual to feel a little guilty about it, but you’ll get over it. Very few acknowledge the potential harm of it, or acknowledge how many people are seeking help from it. Even more rare are websites that show there is hope and that it is actually possible to stop crossdressing and have a good healthy life. Very few crossdressing websites mention how many people there are who have found freedom from it. So that is why I’m writing this post, to show that we are not alone. Here are some of the exact searches since I started my blog. I get many hits every day from searches like this. Clearly there are a lot of people suffering out there because of crossdressing, both crossdressing men and their wives.

“christians who overcome crossdressing”

“Jesus help me why am I a crossdresser”

“how to remove crossdressing thoughts”

“harmful effects of crossdressing to a wife of crossdresser”

“god healing crossdressers”

“healing from transvestism”

“resisting crossdressing”

“crossdressing temptations”

“is crossdressing deception”

“how to stop crossdressing with Jesus”

“can crossdressers be healed”

“stop crossdressing sin”

“how to resist crossdressing”

“christian ministry crossdress”

“feel guilty for crossdressing”

“how to stop feeling guilty after crossdressing”

“negative effects of crossdressing”

“addicted to crossdressing”

“ministry to get out of crossdressing”

“worst sin crossdressing or lying”

“love and hate crossdressing”

“ill effects of crossdressing”

“why does my husband not see that crossdressing is ruining our marriage”

“12 step program for crossdressers”

“god forgive me for crossdressing”

“how to give up crossdressing”

“can a person quit crossdressing”

“crossdressing is destructive”

“how can I be healed from transvestism”


And many many more. Pray for these unnamed people who searched for these things, that God would guide them to truth, to good ministries and programs that can help them find freedom from crossdressing.

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