This song has been a welcome light in my journey of accepting myself as the man that God has made me to be. It might be helpful to the rest of you as you struggle to live in your identity as a man, and fight your urges to crossdress. The song is not directly about crossdressing or masculine identity, but I still have found the words very fitting to my situation and struggle. It is called “Make me the man you want me to be” and it is by Phil Joel. You can listen to it on youtube. Here are the lyrics below. Use this song as your prayer during times of dysphoria or temptation.

I played the fool so long
Thought I was so strong
All the while You knew it wasn’t true
Rerunning in my mind
Memories of another time
When all I ever lived for
Was You

Make me the man You want me to be
Make me the man You want me to be

I’ve been listening all my life
Words are spoken all the time
I have heard the liars and the true
Voices twisting in the air
Sweetly sounding so unclear
But nothing can replace a word
From You

A child is but for so long
Turn around those days are gone
Nothing can replace the years of youth
I have swallowed lies
That tasted true
The plans I thought were sent from You
When all You wanted was for me
To be still

The burning in the heart
Of man’s deepest desire
Is rising like a flame

The burning in the heart
Of our deepest desire
Rising like a flame
Burning higher and higher
Burning in the heart
Of our deepest desire
Is to know You