By OCD, I am of course referring to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. I’ve been looking at a number of websites and articles online that talk about a connection between OCD and crossdressing. It’s very interesting to me because 1. I have mild OCD (self diagnosed) and 2. There are reports of crossdressers finding relief of their symptoms by taking medication used to treat OCD.

Firstly, how many of you readers are OCD? I took an online test that seems fairly legit. Click here for the test. For me personally, I scored a 16, and the test says a score of 12 and up means it is very likely I have some sort of OCD. Obviously it is not a foolproof test, but my friends and family members have made fun of my obsessive nature many times, calling me OCD. Watching movies of people with severe OCD people, I can see myself in them, having their same tendencies but not to such an extreme, so that I can still live a healthy life. This article describes me nearly perfectly, minus the paedo thoughts, but with other taboo sexual thoughts. Also, I do count things, have strange obsessions pop into my head repeatedly, I do have extreme compulsions about organizing and cleanliness, and of course crossdressing compulsions. However none of these things really affect my life very much in a negative way. They are all controllable and I do not think I need any medication. The only one that affected me much in the past was of course crossdressing and that one is under control even without medication. But that is me. Perhaps counseling for OCD, or medication for OCD, could be helpful for some of you in treating your crossdressing? That is, if there is truly a connection.

Here are some articles and excerpts from books that talk about the possible connection. See what you think.

1. Abstract – Paraphilic disorders among patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder: case series by Manuela Borges.

2. Abstract – OCD and transvestism: is there a relationship?

3. PDF – Treatment of Transvestic Fetishism With Fluoxetine: A Case Report

This is about a patient who was strictly interested in crossdressing, and did not have gender dysphoria. Different medications are discussed.

4. Google Book Excerpt – Today’s Transgender Realities: Crossdressing in Context, Volume 2 by Bolich.

Go to page 149 in the book. You can see that this author thinks the connection between crossdressing and OCD is uncertain.

5.    Google Book Excerpt – Cross Dressing, Sex, and Gender by Bullough.

For this book, go to page 352-358. There are some possible medications discussed with reported successful treatment.

I also found this personal website in which the author discusses the relationship between crossdressing and OCD. Here the author discusses the connection – The OCD/Depression GID Connection. And here – Practical Suggestions for those seeking Alternatives – the author discusses medication and claims to know more than one person who found help from such medications regarding their compulsive crossdressing.

For me I have found great change throughout my life in being less obsessive and compulsive than I used to be. I know if Christ were not in my life I would be a slave to OCD. But the symptoms I described about myself, I have been able to change and force myself to adapt and be less OCD. And I’ve been able to overcome crossdressing. I also found this book helpful – Counseling the Hard Cases. There is one chapter on counseling someone who had severe OCD. Reading this chapter was especially insightful and helpful for me personally.

There is hope for all of us. But if you think it would be helpful for you to take medication, I suggest trying it, and don’t feel any shame any doing so. If crossdressing is ruining your life, and you have been mostly unsuccessful stopping the behavior through the other ways I have suggested, it seems like it doesn’t hurt to try medication to see if that helps. Then after you’ve been abstinent for a while, perhaps you can start weaning yourself off the medication slowly and see if you can still keep yourself under control.

Any comments?