When I originally started this blog, it was very helpful to me, and I enjoyed it so much that it was getting in the way of my role of pastoring a church in real life. I was spending too much time on it. It energized me to work on this blog. I was finally getting my thoughts out about crossdressing that I had kept mostly to myself for so long. Working on this blog, and dialoguing with others was extremely helpful in my fight against crossdressing. It provided me a daily reminder to work on quitting. It helped me to think through my crossdressing history, understand myself better, and work on healing in my person and personality. It was great to find others who were like-minded and supported me in my venture of giving up crossdressing. I was guided, and counseled, and encouraged by many of you.

I have also thoroughly enjoyed God using me to help many of you. That was probably what energized me the most. It is certainly much more gratifying to talk with people face to face, and pray together face to face, and teach about issues face to face. But because crossdressing is such a personal topic to me, I am very passionate about talking about it even if I have to do so mostly online. My drive to help people with this issue surpasses my drive to help people with almost any other issue. The only thing that comes to mind that I am more passionate about is leading people to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, but this blog also has been an opportunity to point people to Jesus.

Now that crossdressing is a thing of the past, my feelings toward this website have changed. I don’t need it anymore for myself. It energizes me less than it used to, mostly because of the lack of face to face interaction with people. Even some of the people that have been helped are no longer in contact with me because they are afraid someone will see their internet history or see a strange email. Now doing this blog is ministry, just like my church ministry. And at times it is amazingly fulfilling and at other times it is normal work that is not always thrilling. But I want to keep up this website to be a different voice on the internet about this issue, and perhaps God will continue to use my words to help others who are struggling. I think it would be very gratifying to work with a Christian organization and do counseling for those struggling with crossdressing. For now though, I will content myself with continuing my work as a pastor.

I don’t have a plan to give up on this website anytime soon. There are many ways to help people in life, but trying to help people with the issue that has caused me the most pain in my life, is one of the most gratifying things. So I will continue to work on this website.  But for the sake of managing my time well, I won’t always respond to every comment or write a post every week. I have about 20 pages of post ideas I still want to write about, so I will keep plugging away as I get time. I encourage those of you who have been active in this community to write blog posts for me to post on the Guest Posts page of this website. It is important for people to hear other voices besides my own. You can of course keep your name anonymous. You can also write guest posts in which you share good articles, organizations, and resources you have found online and give your comments about them.

Over the years this ministry has developed and we’ve become a team. The prayer group is full of men who support one another. Many have written guest posts. The wives support one another on the wives page. And I have multiple people who I can count on to monitor the blog comments while I’m busy with church business or traveling. Andrew has written so many posts and helped counsel so many struggling men. Also, I am very thankful for Paul Samson who regularly covers for me and is an admin at this site. I’m always looking for more volunteers, so let me know if you would like to join the team.

Over the years of this ministry I have seen some amazing things. I have seen people starting the process of transitioning to live as the opposite sex, but through patient talking and listening, and much prayer, they today are men content with who they are, no longer pursuing transitioning or crossdressing. I have seen people come to this website to ridicule me, only to be changed through my loving responses to them and changed by the truth so that they apologized and changed their views. If these aren’t miracles I don’t know what is! Praise the Lord for the good things he is doing through this website, and through all of you in this community. It is a tremendous privilege, a gift, to serve God’s people through this ministry.