When a sexual temptation like crossdressing comes up, many of us feel like we go into a frenzy. We lose our heads and feel like we need to give in. We can’t think as logically as we normally would. For me, my body would sometimes even shake thinking about the temptation. I want to suggest something very simple, but very effective. Find a distraction in that moment. Do something else that is really fun and enjoyable for you until the sexual frenzy passes.

Maybe it means playing a video game. Maybe it means playing the guitar for a 20 minutes. Maybe it means going for a jog. Maybe it means watching a funny comedian you like. Maybe it means allowing yourself to get engrossed in the epic novel you are reading. Do something. In the moment of frenzied temptation, do something to get your mind off the temptation. Once you do something else for a few minutes, your mind will start calming down. You will be able to look at crossdressing objectively. You will be able to much more easily say “no” to the temptation.

This is especially helpful if you are home alone. Maybe you are working on a term paper, or maybe it’s your day off. When the temptation comes, do something to distract yourself until the temptation diminishes in power. If life is boring to you, and sexual pleasure is the only thing that excites you, then you need to start giving yourself more diverse experiences and discover new enjoyable activities and hobbies and sports. Be intentional.

I imagine this strategy is helpful for dealing with any addiction. Times of temptation will come. This is one way to deal with them when they do. Over time the addictive desires will lessen and you won’t need to worry about distracting yourself so much.