I wholeheartedly suggest watching the film made by Pure Passion called Tranzformed: Finding Peace With Your God-Given Gender. There are 15 different people who give testimonies throughout this documentary film, and I found it incredibly moving. They are some of the most powerful testimonies I have heard in my life and they hit home to my heart because I could relate to so much of what they were saying. I applaud these brothers and sisters for having the tremendous courage to share their testimonies in an age where they will be seen as brainwashed religious people by the mainstream culture, and the trans community may even see them as enemies. To me, they are heroes of the faith who the world is not worthy of. One thing that stood out in their testimonies was the horrendous suffering that most of them have went through, and yet God has been so good to them, and worked in amazing ways in their lives. I watched it and just had to say “Praise you Lord for how you move in people’s hearts.”

I know that most crossdressers and transsexuals would watch this video and be offended, and be angry at the Christian bias and the clear agenda of the film. I understand that. The people who made this film are not affirming of SRS, and want people to live in congruity with their biological sex. But to those of us who are Christians, or who are starting to question illogical transgender ideology, it is a powerful film. However, I would love to have all the crossdressers and transsexuals who visit my site watch this film. As you watch, you may learn about the God who loves you and wants to heal the wounds in your soul and give you a life of freedom.

For those who have given up crossdressing, be aware that the film shows some photos of the people who are giving testimonies of times in the past when they were crossdressed. These could potentially trigger some of you and lead you into temptation. Be careful to prepare yourself spiritually and mentally, so that when you watch the film you will remain self-controlled and not be affected by these triggers.

Besides the testimonies, the film also takes a little time to sort out the different terms that are used, such as explaining the differences between transsexuals, transvestites, and those with intersex conditions. Most of the testimonies seemed to be from those who suffered from gender dysphoria and lived for part of their lives as the opposite sex. But there were at least two people who mentioned sexual pleasure and sexual addiction.

They also take a little time to theorize about possible causes for gender dysphoria. While these theories may not be convincing because they don’t supply scientific data or research to back them up, I did find that they ring true with what I have heard from many in the LGBT community. There was definitely a theme about feeling rejection as a child, especially from kids of your same sex, that feeling of not fitting in. I can relate to that. But then almost all the people who were interviewed mentioned various forms of childhood trauma, and most of them mentioned sexual abuse. That does not fit my story, but I haven’t had extreme gender dysphoria either. I imagine that the causes for gender dysphoria are very complicated and that some people struggling with it experienced abuse and some didn’t. But in cases where there was trauma, it makes a lot of sense to think that people fled the pain in their real identity by taking on a new persona.

You can order the film on DVD. Here is the website for the film – http://suchweresomeofyou.org/tranzformed.org/tranzformed/

But the organization has also uploaded the entire documentary to Youtube. So you can watch it for free. Please consider watching the whole thing in one sitting. It is powerful. Comment below with your thoughts.